Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Two on the Discovery Islands!

Heriot Bay - Quadra Island
 On our second day of motorcycling, we rode to this bay for breakfast at an old inn before boarding our 3rd ferry in our journey.

Brad, Jamie and Jeanette

Restaurant deck @ the Heriot Bay inn

One of the numerous docks on Cortez Island.  Jamie and Jeanette seem ready to ride off.
Cortez Island proved to be a bit of a disappointment. Unknown to us - and the BC Ferries staff who issue passage fares - the island roads are covered in gravel. Two wheels and gravel are a poor mix.  We rode for a short time but quickly decided to take the next ferry back to Quadra.  The ferries captain approached us with apologies and said he would contact BC Ferries to let them know that motorcyclists should be advised, in advance of purchasing ferries tickets, that Cortez Island roads are graveled. A customer service representative has been advised of our desire to obtain a refund.  We'll see what the outcome will be in this regard.

The bay at the Cortez Island ferries terminal.

A nice west coast scene.

This is the BC Ferries that will return us to Quadra Island.

April Point Lodge, Quadra Island.
With Cortez Island a bust for riding, we returned to Quadra Island and made our way to April Point Lodge for a mid-day lunch.

Scene from the dock @ April Point Lodge. Campbell River can be seen across the way.

The SPA at April Point Lodge

Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island.
Lunch was followed with a short ride to Rebecca Spit.  The beaches are dotted with driftwood.  We spent a couple of hours enjoying the beach and the surroundings.  This is a 'must see' for anyone touring Quadra island.

Brad and I are navigating the large driftwood.

Jamie - enjoying the peace and serenity of the area.

Appears to be a deep conversation...or Jamie and Jeanette are checking something out.  Not quite sure!
A little pub on Quadra Island.  We had dinner here.

A view of the ferries dock from the pub.

A late evening scene.
Following dinner at a local pub, we returned to Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge for the night.  Quadra Island is one of the Discovery Islands of British Columbia and is located on the 'Inside Passage'.  It is a protected waterway between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.  Cruise ships navigate the 'Inside Passage' on their journeys north to Alaska and south to Vancouver, BC,  and Seattle, WA.  We saw a few ships cruise by our cottage but this was the only one Jeanette and I managed to catch a photo of.

Flowers at Twa Kwa Luten Lodge

One of the many pleasure craft that travel these waters.

International Flag pole @ April Point Lodge.

Long shot of a BC Ferries boat on its way to Cortez Island.

A sign we saw on the wall of the pub we had dinner at.

The next blog will feature our departure from Quadra Island, our journey through the Sunshine Coast and the return back home to Langley.

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  1. Another great bike tour of the islands! Lots of beautiful pictures to choose from but I especially like the one of the cruise ship as it's always impressive to see those big ships so close to shore.