Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Island Hopping!

L-R  Jamie, Brad, Shania, Brenden, Tina, Jeff and me.
We had our last and first supper with family members who have been visiting from Alberta.  Tina, Jeff and family were preparing for the drive back to Alberta while Brad and Jamie were preparing for our motorcycle ride. We were packing up for a second motorcycle trip to mid-Vancouver Island and up to Quadra Island for a wonderful stay at Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge on Quadra Island.

Early morning and we are ready to ride off to Tsawwassen Ferries terminal.

Waiting to board our first of eight ferries rides on this trip.

Brad and Jamie - Shortly after off boarding @ Duke Point Ferries terminal, Nanaimo, BC.
It was a beautiful morning when we departed our home and took our 2 hour ferries ride from the mainland to Nanaimo, BC.
Our first riding break at Qualicum Beach.

Great riding weather and really nice riding roads along the Oceanside Route on eastern Vancouver Island.

A lunch break half way up island.  Brad and I and enjoying three types of cured salmon.  Jeanette and Jamie eluded the photo session.  Could it have something to do with 'helmet hair'?
No need for Tim Horton's when there are so many small fresh seafood shops and restaurants along our route.

A short break at Oyster Bay, Vancouver Island.

Scenic look along the Oceanside Route at Oyster Bay, BC.  We are heading further north from here to Campbell River, BC.

The scenery is magnetic.

Waiting for our second ferries ride of the day.
Here we wait for our short ferries ride from Campbell River to Quadra Island.   We chose to spend two nights at the Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge, a native run lodge and resort.

My nephew, Brad, and his wife, Jamie, enjoying the short ferries ride to Quadra Island.
Jeanette and I have been to this area several times in the past.  This was new territory for Brad and Jamie.  They were inspired by the topographic beauty of this area.
Approaching the ferries dock on Quadra island.

Our arrival at Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge - our home for the next two nights.
After a full day of riding, it was nice to arrive here and settle in. We will be spending the next couple of days riding in the area, including Cortez Island in the Discovery Islands.
The view from our two bedroom cottage.

The cottage at the resort.

An early evening photo as a tug boat pulls a large barge northbound.
This blog could run really long with the large number of photos we took but I'll hold back for inclusion in future blogs.

Thanks for dropping in.  More of this in the days ahead.


  1. Your motorcycle trip looked fantastic with all those amazing photos!

    We're heading up to Campbell River this morning so we'll be enjoying some of that same great scenery.

    The cabin sure looked like a nice place to stay too.

  2. great first leg of your trip!!.nice photos!..have a lovely time!

  3. You passed within a few feet of our door! The end of our driveway is at the "Big (graffiti covered) Rock" on the beach between Willow Point and Campbell River.

    Feel free to stop any time! 1244 South Island Highway.

  4. Croft,

    It would have been nice to drop by for a quick 'hello.' We would certainly do that the next time around.

    We had to make the ferry crossing from Comox to Powell River in order to accomplish our ride through the Sunshine Coast and back home on the mainland.

    Next time?