Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Bit of This 'n That

This awesome weather we are experiencing sure gets the juices going to get outdoors and play.

Jeanette and I took in the largest antique car/truck show this Province holds.  It was held this past Saturday in the heart of Langley City.  The following are a few shots to whet your imagination.

A beautiful 1951 Chevy 3/4 ton truck...
Jeanette favoured this ride....

My favourite choice....overall
I focused on vintage trucks because of personal appeal.  There were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of vintage cars too.  According to the local newspaper, over 80,000 folks enjoyed the stunning show, under clear blue skies and high summer like temperatures.

The Seattle Cossacks  showing off their motorcycle stunts....
This group of veteran motorcyclists is featured at several motorcycle and car shows in the Pacific Northwest.  We never tire of seeing them perform their well coordinated stunts.
Some veterans with a few newbies in training...

The Cossacks are clearly a crowd favourite....
On the home front, our electrician came by to install the heavy wire required to power up the hot tub.
Mathew is a methodical and meticulous electrician and, with my help, we drilled through concrete to run the heavy gauge wire from the electrical panel in the garage - through the concrete floor and into the crawl space under our home - all the way to the back foundation wall - drilling once again to come through to the hot tub.
The electrical panel
Soon to connect the wires to the hot tub...
The hot tub filled, powered up and a photo with the blue LED lights taken that first night.  The LED lights are easily programmed to change colours or to remain on one's favourite colour.  We chose blue for this photo.
Sitting with Easton, a few days back, was a thrill.  He is a little 'boogy boy' with rhythm in his bones.  He loves to turn on the Yamaha keyboard, find a drum beat and pick away at the piano keys.  He does this all on his own....and often too.  He'll be signed up for piano lessons; that's for sure!
Early morning fog in our area.  Clearly a sign of the fall season.
Directly across the street from our home is this pastoral setting....shrouded in fog.
There is money to be earned in the rock business...
Jeanette - along with her nursing friends - headed for the Sunday market in Ladner.  The event is very well attended and the usual pedlars can be seen and heard plying their wares.
L-R   Marg, Cynthia, Susan and Jeanette @ the Ladner, North Delta, Market
So, apart from doing some planned home improvement projects, we've been busy with the activities featured in this blog..... with the exception of this one below.
With the other activities preoccupying us, we've had little time to hike.  I guess you could say we are in the Fitness Protection Program.....other than golf, walking and working on our home improvement projects.
Belmont Golf Course
Tomorrow will find our golf group taking on the Belmont Golf Course in North Langley.  Not having played that course in well over 7-8 years, we look forward to the challenge.

That's it from here, for now......

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Nice trucks! I'll bet you're glad to have a hot tub again. Now you just need the weather to cool off :)

  2. Love to view the vehicles... Great job on the hot tub!

  3. You've been pretty busy as usual.

    The hot tub sure looks inviting - nice job on the setup. Perfect on night's like we've been having.

    Maybe Easton will become a drummer - ha, ha!!

  4. we have yet to visit the Langley car show! your favourite? a great colour!!

  5. Have a soft spot to for those old trucks. I'm always up for a good car show. Sure a nice pic of Easton on the keyboard. Luv your new SPA and as with all your projects a terrific install job. Hope you both have an awesome weekend!

  6. Looks like a wonderful day, love the old vehicles!