Saturday, September 7, 2013

Always Something To Do...

Heading over the new Port Mann Bridge on our way to Vancouver
I had an appointment to go to, last Wednesday, that had us drive the 40 minutes from our home to downtown Vancouver.  Crossing the new Port Mann Toll Bridge was great.  With Jeanette along, we drove the high occupancy lane all the way.
Nice, modern structure - offering eight lanes - including the HOV lanes.
Once downtown, we found the required parking and headed to our 11:00 am appointment.  I was having a consult with a dermatologist at the University of British Columbia, Medical School, Dermatology Clinic.  My family physician suggested it when we both determined that the slight red nose issue I have was not responding to medication.  When I am in the sun for a time - like golfing or motorcycling - even with applying sun screen - my nose and parts of my cheeks get quite red.  An earlier diagnosis was Rosacea; a chronic condition characterized by facial redness. The medication I was put on did nothing to eradicate or control the problem.
Looking north on Cambie Street towards downtown Vancouver.
A more close up view with the North Shore Mountains behind the downtown core.
The dermatologists (the two who examined me) concluded that my problem is called  telangiectasia (dilation of superficial blood vessels on the face).  It is a form of Rosacea but not acne oriented as first thought.  It is easily cured with one or two laser treatments. It is common enough.....but not a cause to worry about.  Although I am not a sun bather (never have been) they checked my back, arms, neck and determined that I am not at risk for skin cancer either.  Although there is a slight chance of scaring, the laser treatment will cure the problem.  The medication and creams I had been earlier prescribed are pointless.  Should I choose to forgo the laser treatment, it was recommended that I use a 70+ sun screen when participating in outdoor activities.

A nice lunch had at this authentic French restaurant on Main Street in Vancouver.
We so often head downtown when in Vancouver but I wanted to try one of the great restaurants on Main Street, south of the downtown core.  I remembered the great food choices offered on Main Street during the 2010 Winter Olympics. To go back there would be fun.  And it was!
Jeanette thought it was a good idea.  We were the early lunch arrivals at The French Table and had our choice of seating.  We chose a street window view. The lunch crowd moved in quickly as the lunch hour moved forward.  The Maitre 'D is the owner.  He is originally from France.  That I am fluently bilingual (French/English) made for wonderful conversations with him.

When his lease in downtown Vancouver ended - following 20 years in a prime location there - he chose to move away from the downtown core to this Main Street location.  What a find!
This filet of sole with burnt almonds was fantastic.
One would think an authentic French restaurant would be costly but their lunch fare was priced close to a typical fast food hamburger joint's big burger prices.  We enjoyed a great meal in what felt like a truly European setting with equally enjoyable European music.  To exchange wonderful conversation with the French owner was equaly enjoyable.  It was a fitting place to enjoy a 38th wedding anniversary lunch.  We'll go back there.
Coffee is served....
A glass dining table with the restaurant name scored in the glass.
Back home, it was raining on Thursday.  My outdoor projects would have to wait.  I did want to build a couple of new saw horses and that became my project for a couple of hours.
I moved my table saw and compound mitre saw outdoors - under the eaves - for cutting and did the assembly indoors in our garage. 
I had pre-stained the lumber - while staining several other outdoor lumber materials for pergolas we plan to build in our back yard.
The 36 inch height was what I settled on as a good height to work with.
Once I completed the build, I opened the can of stain and touched up the unpainted areas.  The saw horses will be handy for some of the future works we have planned on the home front.  The saw horses I previously had built had long been delivered to Edmonton and they remain there for our son to use on his home improvement projects.

Easton loves playing with his  John Deere equipment.
Easton dropped by our home a few times this past week and Jeanette felt the time was right to put the little play table together.  With the two little chairs, Easton could sit comfortably at his level and have his own play table.  Now, this play table was used by his mom and her brother when they were little.  Jeanette would not part with the belief that it would once again be needed.  She was right.
Once set up....Easton instantly went to the table and sat down to play.
I joined him for a bit ....and when I tired of squatting, I went to get the other small chair to sit with him.  We sat there for quite some time.....!
He looked toward the camera for picture taking....while I continued reading.
He continued to make good use of this little table and chairs.
Yesterday (Friday) was our official 38th wedding anniversary.  Our gift to each other sits in our back yard; waiting patiently for the electrician to complete the wiring.
The electrician promised to be here by 11:00 am this coming Monday.
Jeanette planned a fantastic five star meal, made at home, and we followed that with a Netflix movie....also at home.  We were in back up mode to babysit Easton should his paternal grandmother be called away.
A dozen roses for Jeanette on our 38th anniversary
Today's weather brings a return to sun and great temperatures.  We have plans to fire up the motorcycle and head off to some engaging activities.  We'll report on that in a future blog. 

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Glad your skin condition is easily fixed. I would love to be fluent in another language--it is a gift! Happy Anniversary by the way!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Glad all worked out well at the Dr.'s Office...good to have it looked at. Sure is good to have some "Easton time"

  3. Congratulations on the Anniversary! Sylvia and I celebrate our 38th next Friday. Yep, that's right, Friday the 13th. Nobody else wanted to book the Minoru Chapel on that day so we had to chose that day, or wait another 8 months. Good thing we're not superstitious.

  4. Congratulations to you and Jeanette on your 38th Wedding Anniversary and I'm glad to see you celebrated in style.

    Those are the fanciest looking sawhorses I think I've ever seen - sturdy looking too.

    Great to see Easton enjoying his Grandpa time!

  5. Congratulations on the Anniversary.A double celebration, one before the date and then at home on the actual day.
    We celebrated 43 years this past May & I sometimes wonder as to how many others born in the 40's, and 50's will be celebrating wedding anniversaries approaching the 40 and 50 year mark. A lot of broken marriages in people from our generation.

  6. I am a bit behind on my blog reading!! happy 38th anniversary to you both!!!