Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labour Day Weekend

Easton loves his little Kawasaki quad
Notice the rope tied to the back of Easton's quad.  He is so quick to rush out for the street and the rope helps his parents control that.  

The Labour Day weekend kept us near home taking care of routine stuff around the yard, a few brief visits and a couple of motorcycle rides.  Jeanette worked on her plants, trees and shrubs; mainly weeding, trimming and pruning. I spent some time staining some lumber in advance of building a couple of pergolas in the coming weeks.
Saturday - A quick visit with Easton and his folks.
We had some errands to manage in the the city of Langley and, on the way back, we dropped in for a brief visit with Ginette, Trevor and Easton.  They were enjoying the holiday weekend at their home and playing with Easton. They headed for White Rock beach and we rode out into the countryside.
We took a ride for a couple of hours.
With no planned destination, we simply cruised some Fraser Valley country roads.  The scenery was, as usual, beautiful.
A break along a small river park.
We came along a road side park that parallels a small river and it proved to be a great place to enjoy a break. We have come by here before but had never stopped.  It is a nice spot.
Quiet and serene.
It's not a swimming hole.  Signs were posted to that effect.
Only a few families were enjoying this lovely daytime picnic area and we felt as though we had it almost exclusively to ourselves.
Leaving the park, we rode south toward a wonderful county side dairy that we know has a wide variety of tasty ice cream.
Mt Baker is peaking over the Vedder Mountain range.
Mt. Baker - in Washington State - is visible from as far as Vancouver Island.  Although we often ride in that area of Washington State, typical long weekend border crush of traffic keeps us away.  In fact, we seldom travel away from home on long weekends. Traffic chaos is not something we enjoy.  We plan our rides, south of the medicine line, during the work week when the border entry points aren't busy.
Our ice cream destination - Birchwood Dairy.
We stopped here for a break and enjoyed some local ice cream.  The dairy was busy with families enjoying the petting zoo.   Good fun!
Pastoral setting at Birchwood Dairy.
Our daughter's huge poster size photograph for Lululemon athletic wear.
Ginette was featured in promotional material for Lululemon, women's run gear

Although we were too occupied to take photos, Ginette, Trevor and Easton were at our home for the afternoon and early evening on Labour Day, Monday.  We barbecued a nice dinner.

I sorted through my home improvement tools yesterday - basically sorting stuff before cleaning the garage.  Every once in a while, the garage gets a sorting and a cleaning.  It needed it.  I'll mess it all up again once the saws come out for building the pergolas.

Jeanette and I are off to downtown Vancouver today.  I have one appointment and we'll follow that up with a walk around the downtown/waterfront area.

That's it from here for now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. It is amazing how fast Easton is growing up! What a big boy he is becoming.

  2. what a nice weekend you all had!!
    Never heard of Birchwood Dairy..the photo of the yellow 'garage' is lovely!! as is the one of Ginette!!

  3. Great picture of Easton, as Croft said he has sure grown fast. Sounded like a great way to have spent Labor Day. Nice modeling picture Ginette did for Lululemon. Have a awesome day in Vancouver!

  4. Looks like a great Labour Day to me!