Friday, March 4, 2011

From White Rock - and moisture of the wet kind.

Generator fired up - furnace is throwing heat - and Jeanette was soon to rise from sleep.
After my early morning blog writing session, sitting in the lobby of the Tulalip Casino, WA - yesterday morning (Thursday) - we closed up, fueled up and headed the final 80 miles north to the Canadian border and home.

I-5 is dry....and in great driving condition.

Soon to pull into Canadian customs.
Traffic was light and the sun even peeked out a few times.  The wind storm advisory for the night before did not materialize.

Minutes from the Canadian border.
We are NEXUS pass holders.  It's like having a super passport.  We have our own dedicated lanes...and because we have been pre-screened and approved by Homeland Security, FBI, RCMP, etc., it is usually seamless entry into and out of Canada/USA BORDERS.
Such was the case when we stopped at Canada customs.  The lady asked three questions and we were waved through.   Gotta love NEXUS pass lanes!!!! Yeah!

White Rock, BC - 16th Avenue.
Our neighbourhood these past 21 years.
Driving to our final stop at the bottom of this road - cul de sac.
So....within 15-20 minutes after crossing into Canada, we arrived at our home. We used our neighbours driveway as a temporary stop while we moved our other vehicle out of the way.  After we backed our 5th wheel on our driveway, the clean up began.

Gotta move this vehicle out of the way.
Our neighbour is away in Palm Springs...and we were invited to use their driveway if need be.  So we did just that...temporarily.

Hmmm.... backing up on our driveway, Jeanette strategically placed the pressure washer for this photo shot.

After power washing the road grit off the motorcycle, we removed it, unhooked the swivel wheel, then proceeded to complete the back up of the 5th wheel.
The truck, 5th wheel and motorcycle were filthy.  All of that road grit happened between Portland, Oregon, and home.
We were home by 10:30 am so I started washing everything within twenty minutes of our arrival.
It took 3.5 hours to wash the 5th wheel - 20 minutes for the motorcycle - and another 50 minutes for the dually.
Phew!...What a job....but it's all clean and bright.
 While I was busy with washing the rig, our house sitter, and Jeanette's good friend and former work colleague, Marg, dropped by for a meet and greet.  They had coffee and caught on on stuff while I worked away outdoors.
Jeanette and Marg
I was recruited to take this photo.
When late afternoon rolled around and everything was tidied up, we spent some time checking through mounds of redundant mail.

Today we started the process of packing our home of 21 years for our coming move to our new home, this mid-March.  That said, our blogging may be spotty in the coming weeks.  At one point, we will not have internet access with the disconnect on our current home to the re-connect in our new home.

Friends were by while we were away in the southern US.  They dropped off boxes for us.
Well, it's near dinner time on Friday evening when I post this blog.  Jeanette and I packed 37 boxes today.  Not bad for the first packing day.  The garage and my office are packed.  Yippee!!! Only the rest of the house (with a lot of rooms) to finish packing.  Seriously though, we have given ourselves plenty of time to accomplish the task.

Thanks for dropping by.....and, at the risk of repeating myself, our blogs will be spotty for the next several weeks.....!


  1. glad you are back home again!!..thanks for the great 'ride along'!!..we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! get packing..!!

  2. I always enjoy that period of time from crossing the border to arriving home safe ub tge driveway. Great feeling to be home after a long trip. That feeling lasts about 2 weeks for me & then I'm chomping at the bit to be on the road going somewhere again. Always dread that big vehicle clean-up. Looks like you have a super busy few weeks ahead of you with that big move.

  3. Happy to see you made it home safe and sound and have the 5'er all tucked safely away in your driveway. You've got a lot more energy than me in tackling the job of washing everything right away. It always takes me a few days, at least, before I can muster up the energy to do that. Jeanette does a great job of documenting your travels with her photos!!