Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soon to cross the border back into BC, Canada

Yes, we are nearing the Pacific Northwest.....!  Rain, rain and more rain!
With fierce winds forecast for the Pacific Northwest of Washington State and British Columbia, Canada, we kept our driving and overnight options open.  We left Salem, Oregon @ 10:30 am.

Grey, dark skies in Portland, Oregon.

The rains were on and off - on and off - on and off!!!!
Although the traffic was heavy, we breezed through Portland without much fanfare.  Till we arrived  here, our rig was still nice and clean from its last wash in the desert lands of the southern US. 
There were the occasional spots with blue skies and sunshine.

Nice waterfall along I-5

One rainbow.

More blue skies...
We don't have much of a story to tell so we're posting several photos.  Jeanette was busy with the camera.
Rolling in to Seattle, WA.

Traffic was OK going into Seattle but it was the usual zoo north from the downtown core.
Anyone who has travelled through Seattle will relate to the crazy drivers here and the washboard concrete freeways.  I am always puzzled by the road building techniques - or lack thereof - in this area.  The highways and byways are vast, numerous, elevated, and plentiful but I fail to comprehend why they are so rough and washboard like.  Ho hum!
We made it through and before long we were past the freeway frenzy and back to a more relaxed drive once north of Everett, WA.

Entrance to the Tulalip Casino, Washington State.

Beautiful interior - lobby to the casino hotel.

Nice lounge - next to the casino - where I am presently sitting as I write this blog.
I was awake quite early this morning so I chose to find a coffee in the casino, find a comfortable chair in a quiet place, check and reply to emails, and write this somewhat mundane blog.
Not a great photo but I did my best - shooting hand held without a flash.
Photos inside a casino is a NO NO!!!  No Cameras Allowed!!!  Walking through the casino @ 4:40 am is a sorry sight - in my view.  It's quite sad, really.  All those souls sitting aimlessly at the 'one arm bandits' (slot machines) - seriously lacking sleep (or maybe even a life) - made me feel sad for them.  I walked around till I could find a cup of coffee and,  all the while, I never spotted a happy person.  Everyone looked gloomy; including those few hardy souls who braved the poker tables.

I don't mean to editorialize here because I do know people who seem to get pleasure from gambling.  I don't mean to judge either but I just don't get this all nighter booze up/gambling thing.  I simply do not get it.  What I do understand though is the addictive nature of these facilities and the magnet for  patrons. That, I find sad!!!  I did produce a few mini documentaries on this topic, in Las Vegas, several years ago.  Those stories were broadcast on CBC-TV in Canada.

The people who build and operate casinos do get it though.  It is obviously a good business model.  These businesses must make money. Casinos continue to be built everywhere, so it seems. Heck, even our own politicians in BC, and other Canadian Provinces, agree with the the business model.  It makes money - pure and simple.  That is why we have so many casinos and more are being planned.  That's why we have so many lotteries too.

However, I digress.  People are free to make their own decisions!!!! Jeanette and I enjoyed our stay in the casino RV area.  We enjoyed a nice dinner out, in a very nice environment, with great service and equally great food.....and far away from the click and clatter, bells and whistles, and the foul stench of a smokey casino.
Photo without flash taken @ night -  hand held.  A bit fuzzy....but realistic!
Well,  I 'm on my way back to the 5th wheel.  I'll crank up the generator to run the furnace.  That's likely the best way to get Jeanette out of bed. It's amazing what a nice warm RV can do for her.

We plan to leave here sometime this morning for the last 90 minute drive northwards to the Canadian border. From there, it's a 6 km drive to our home.  Then the fun begins as we prepare to move from our home of over 21 years to the new home we take possession of on March 18th.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. We are not Casino/Gambling people either I will never understand those soles endlessly sitting at those machines & tables day after day. What a waste. Kelly & I have been through most of the Vegas Casinos simply to see all the glitz & glitter, the many imaginative themes & the majestic architecture, the creative lighting, the ever changing moods & styles of the people, etc. Never once did we ever allow ourselves to be sucked down into that darkened abyss of, well you know............

  2. Interesting thoughts on the casinos and the poor souls sitting at the slots at 4:30am!! I agree completely with what you said about the casinos as well. It's definitely a place where moderation goes a long way.

    You're almost home - good luck crossing the border and I hope you get a nice customs agent!

  3. Donna & I will maybe go to the Casino for A Dinner about an hour in the casino itself and then a few drinks and dances in the nightclub there. This occurs once or twice a year and is more like a date night, if we do gamble it will be less than $20 dollars for the two of us and we usually break even or close. The casino's won't get rich on people like us.Thanks for bringing us along on your holiday, have a good crossing home. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna...

  4. good luck crossing back into the land of red and white!..we left the light on for you!!..welcome back!!