Friday, March 25, 2011

Mt. Baker; Unpacking; Stealing a ride on a sunny afternoon!

Close up view of Mt. Baker, WA - taken from our upstairs window.

Working to settle into our new home, we have been keeping busy with unpacking.  It's all going well. 

I have been busy building my workshop in the garage.  It's better than 90% completed.
Jeanette is moving wall pictures around to get the right fit and location.
We have decided to paint the entire house.  That process started yesterday.  The prep work is well underway and the kitchen will be the first room to have a colour change.

Applying painter's tape.
It was so beautiful on Wednesday afternoon - with temperatures hovering near 15 degrees Celsius - so we chose to skip out and take advantage of a two hour motorcycle ride.

View of Mt. Baker taken from a horse farm near our new home.
The motorcycle had not been ridden since our last major ride to Borrego Springs, CA.

Ready to go. First ride from the new home.
We headed north toward the mighty Fraser River.  Below is some of the scenery along the way.  Just love the gentle switchback roads leading to the river.  The beauty of this area is the endless roads with twists and turns - in all directions.

Golden Ears Provincial Park - So beautiful with the recent snow.

Typical roads all around us.
Gentle and heavily forested switchbacks.
It may be hard for some to imagine this but the weather here this past Wednesday was better than in Palm Springs, CA.

Eastern View.  We rode up to the end of a really small Government of Canada dock on the Fraser River, BC.  If one doesn't know where this dock is, one could not easily find it.  It is really well hidden.  We love to take riding breaks here.
Northern View.  Golden Ears Provincial Park fronted by a cedar shingle mill along the north shore of the Fraser River.
Golden Ears radiating in the late afternoon sun.

We hung around the dock and took in the scenery.  The fish boats sat still.  No sign of any fishing activities. All was quiet and peaceful.

Jeanette is enjoying a well deserved break from moving houses.
Western View.  The stillness of the Fraser River made for a picture post card.
Following a good break looking around the area, we headed eastward, along the river, towards Abbotsford, BC.  Below are a few photos Jeanette took along the way.

Heading back home on the back roads.  THANKS FOR DROPPING IN.


  1. Thanks for taking a break from your moving work ... we got to benefit from the beautiful scenery you enjoyed during your ride.

  2. Pretty stunning scenery all right, it's hard to beat no matter where you are. Glad to see you getting out and about and away from the tedious job of taping and painting.

  3. Those bike pics are giving me the itch already. By the sounds of our weather back home it will be mid or late April before I get the bike on the road for the season. Looked like a nice ride you were on. Too many of our roads in southern Ontario are waaaay too straight. Would love to bring the bike to the southwest for all the great winding roads there.

  4. great day for a ride!..looks like the dock at Fort Langley?? or in that neighbourhood?..enjoy the weekend!!