Monday, March 21, 2011

Now in the new house...and with internet connections as of today.

New home in south Langley.
Well, it has been some time since our last blog.  We've been very busy with sorting through stuff, packing, pushing stuff out the door and on to Big Brothers, Canadian Diabetes Assn., and other worthy social causes.  We easily dispensed of over 120 boxes of stuff we no longer needed or wanted.  Someone else could make use of the goods.  It's very liberating to get rid of stuff.  Less is more, in our view!

With our Wells Cargo trailer, we loaded and moved all of our boxed goods, plants, outdoor furniture, books, and so on.  With the help of some good friends, we loaded and unloaded three full trailer loads in record time.

Even the neighbour's cat, Jackson, was wondering what the fuss was all about.
By packing ourselves - after so many corporate moves made possible with professional packers and movers - it was a worthwhile exercise to  rid our lives of stuff we didn't need or want. Yippee!!

Good friend, Denis L. was an amazing helper.  We worked hard and fast.....with just rewards?  Too early in the day for that....but it was a worthy thought!
Good friend, Rick C., came by to help unload the first load of boxes and brought some bubbly along too!  How nice that was!!!

OK!  Where to unload and put stuff???
We had identified each box with its destination in the new home.  That made for easy work with few questions asked.
One load almost completed.
This first load was completed last Tuesday - within a few hours after the legal completion on this new property.
Furniture movers showed up on time this past Friday to load our furniture for the 20 minute journey east to south Langley.
The movers had an easy time with no boxes in the way.

It took the movers three hours to load up the house.  We were thrilled with the care and attention they took with our stuff.  Every bit of furniture was wrapped with moving blankets.....just the way it should be done!
Once loaded we drove the 20 minutes due east to our new home.
Our 5th wheel was safely parked on a neighbour's driveway....while the furniture movers were busy on our driveway.
So, with our previous home left empty, I led the way to our new home and Jeanette followed the moving truck.
Moving truck in the heart of White Rock, BC...heading due east.
Ready to unload at the new home.  We got lucky with the weather.  It called for rain but we managed to avoid any moisture.  Yeah to that!
Once arrived at the new home, the three furniture movers had all of our stuff unloaded and sorted out in the respective rooms.  That only took three and a half hours. 

These guys did a great job of moving us.
We were quite happy with the service these movers provided.  They were were meticulous and cautious.  We suffered no damage - not even a scratch that we could see.
 Sunday morning was a bright sunny...and ideal to bring the fiver to its new home.
Checking out the best way to back into it's new spot.

Jeanette ran around grabbing some photos. 

In the coming days we'll take some photos of the progress with the move, putting stuff away, finalizing how the furniture will rest in each room and how the fiver rests in its rightful spot on the west side of our new home.

We have moved from a busy urban area to a semi rural area.  We now reside in the Bakerview area of South Langley, BC.  Below is a view taken from our new front yard.
That's Mount Baker in the background.  Not a great shot....but we'll take more when the skies are bright, blue and clear.                                                                  Our neighbours are peacocks, little frogs, deer, horses and coyotes.  Quite a nice change from the former hustle and bustle, ambulance, fire and police sirens, transit buses and truck traffic.

Thanks for dropping in.....!  A blog about moving is not the most interesting read (or photo layout) but many of you wondered how things were going.  Well, it's going!.  Another couple of weeks and this place will be ship shape.


  1. Good to see Mount Baker again, even though I didn't like the winter I spent in Bellingham, WA.
    Mt. Baker was viewed from our front windows everyday that it wasn't too foggy or raining.
    So that is what it looks like from the Canadian side!
    Happy New Home, and Happy Trails,
    Penny, TX

  2. sure it is interesting!..nice post on your move day..welcome to south Langley!!!..enjoy the new house!!

  3. Congrats on the new digs! Nice view!

  4. Glad to see you got all moved into your new home with no damage and no problems. It's great to get nice professional movers!

    Great to see your blog back again too!