Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Change of Weather...and hot weather musings.

Ruskin Picnic Area - North of Mission, BC
With the cloud cover I witnessed this morning - and the drop in temperatures - the weather girl is predicting a cooling off period in the coming days.  This past Sunday was a scorcher and that led us to the Ruskin Picnic Area. We rode off from home near 11:00 am.
A really nice family area.
This amazing dog was swimming against the current. When it needed a break, it would swim to shore, look at its owner, jump back into the current and continue swimming.  I bet it slept really well once back home.  It kept me occupied for quite a long time. 
It is such a great area.  Swimmers with tubes, and other floating devices, can opt for the fast current and others - like this couple above - can choose the natural swimming channel.
Just above this swimming area is the Ruskin Dam.  It provides electricity for over 70,000 homes in the area.

The area is a real gem.  To spend a hot day here is a real treat. The area provides for all types of activities, including fishing.

I spoke with some of the fisher folks and was told they do catch fish here.
Tubers on the faster current.
The Ruskin Dam
Jeanette is taking in the action
I watched as this fella found all kinds of things in the water.
The fella above waded all over this area in search of something.  He found fishing lures, fishing lines, jewelery and other stuff I could not identify from the distance away.  He kept cool and busy.  I sensed that he knew these waters well.

This woman kept a close eye on her grandchildren.
If the waters were cool (or even cold) the participants didn't seem to complain.
Very fast current in this zone.
So, that was our Sunday.  We may well have taken in the last very hot day of the 2011 summer here on the Pacific Coast.  With the weather returning to seasonal norms, there will be plenty of nice days to get out in nature but it's doubtful we will once again find the recent high heat.

Hope your weather is equally nice wherever you live.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Well, they're saying the wine here in Austria will be good this year, as we're about to have a warm fall. We'll see. Can't get much better than it has been so far. Didn't have the brutal heat of last summer, so no complaints. I enjoyed the pics. Thanks.

  2. great place to spend a Sunday afternoon!!!

  3. Beautiful pics of a great place to spend an afternoon. Looked very nice!