Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RV Friends and RV Prep

Victoria, BC - The Empress Hotel
In the last blog I mentioned I would write in greater detail about our four day motorcycle trip to Vancouver Island and our visit with RV friends.
Plenty of float plane activity in Victoria harbour.
After playing tourist in the city and enjoying the sights and sounds, we motorcycled northward to the Cobble Hill / Cowichan Bay area where Rick & Paulette's RV Travels call home. 
Typical Victoria street scene.  Very nice!
We first met Paulette and Rick in person last February when we entered the very same RV park they call their winter home.  The Sands RV and Golf Resort in  Desert Hot Springs  Palm Springs RV Resort & Golf Course is  a very nice park that appeals to us and them. 

At Rick and Paulette's home.
Many RV bloggers know of Rick because of his unselfish dedication to educating and helping RV'ers with their internet, cellular, and computer issues.  That's how we first came into contact with Rick.  About one year ago, prior to leaving on our first snowbirding adventure, I had been reading several RV blogs.  Rick's blog was one that I followed closely. I recall writing Rick an email; seeking his advice about recommended cellular US service.  He was so quick with a response and some really good information.

Many quilters (RV'ers or otherwise) are also very aware of Paulette's quilting/crafts blog.  Huge following, she has!!!   Sweet P Quilting and Creations
Do you also get the impression they want to don the helmets and ride off?

Jeanette and I enjoyed a very nice visit with them.  Lunch was great.  Sure loved the pulled pork. They are gracious hosts.

Now that I have an iPhone, Rick was quick to give me several pointers too.

The mutzos were our cue to ride northwards.  The had been incredibly patient but it was time for their routine afternoon walk in the park.  We exchanged greetings, agreed to stay in touch and we will see them this snowbirding winter in the Palm Springs area.

Life long friends - (LR) Steve, Gwen - Jeanette
Steve and Gwen spoke at length about their dream cruise in the Mediterranean, later this month.  We'll be hearing more about this adventure in the month ahead, I'm sure.
The view from their great room.
After visiting at their home in Ladysmith, we motorcycle further north to Lantzville, Vancouver Island.

Hector and Diane's Class 'A'
 We first met RV friends Diane and Hector when we spent two nights at the Seven Feathers RV Resort and Casino in southern Oregon, last January.SEVEN FEATHERS RV RESORT

Hector, Chico (the Portuguese Water Dog) and me.
We instantly connected when we first met and, as a result, we convoyed together - along with another couple from the Greater Vancouver area , Trena and Lucky - and we met up a few times during our winter travels.  Hector likes to golf so it's a great fit for me too.  While he and I would be off to the links, Jeanette and Diane would engage in like minded activities.

They prepared a great seafood meal for us.
Hector's roots go back to Newfoundland.  Raised on the 'rock' on Canada's east coast  seemed a natural fit to also live the island life on the west coast.  Simply put, Hector loves to fish....and fish he does.  He favours the salt chuck. Diane is not shy of the sea.  She loves fishing and boating.  This couple spend many hours plying the west coast of the island in search of that perfect sockey, spring, chinook and other salmon. Combined with their love of RV'ing, this is how they enjoy their retirement summers.  The winter months see them RV'ing in the southern US and Mexico.

Chico.  We easily made friends with this Portuguese Water dog.  He is a wonderful dog.  I think he may have remembered us from our last visits in Arizona.  He shadows Hector wherever he goes.

Hector and Diane loaded up our saddle bags with some fresh frozen salmon before we left for the ferry back to the mainland.  What a treat that will be. Thanks guys!
Lovely ocean setting from shore prior to boarding the ferry at Duke Point - south of Nanaimo, BC
Having spent time with RV friends on Vancouver Island may have triggered the urge to get our own RV in shape.  Tuesday was to be the day I would pull the fiver from it's resting place next to our home and get busy with some needed maintenance.
Hitchin' up
With a promised golf round south of the line @ Homestead Farms Golf Resort in Lynden, WA, on Monday, I was hoping that Tuesday would offer continued sun.  It did and so I got busy with the 5th wheel maintenance.
About to roll out from it's parking spot next to our home.
Wow, there is a lot of room here when the fiver is out!!

Ready to open the slides and get to work.

Unknown to me, Jeanette captured this shot while I was busy treating the rubber roof to some TLC.

It felt good to get this job done....!  I always enjoy putzing around with the 5th wheel.

How nice is this.  It's white and bright again.
Once the roof was completed I tackled a few indoor projects too.   By  late afternoon, and with the intended projects completed, I hitched up again and backed the fiver back into its rightful place.  I sure wanted to load it up and head off though!!!!  That will happen soon enough!

All closed up and ready to push back.
Well, there you have it.  We have another busy week ahead.  Daughter - Ginette - arrives this Thursday evening to attend a stagette for one of her best friends, I have to attend our annual mens' year end golf tournament, Jeanette is entertaining a friend, and we have received word that a relative has landed on the coast and wishes to stop by too.

I have a long list of home improvement projects to attend to but that may have to wait till next week when it is hoped I'll have the down time to get at them.

As always, thank you for dropping by.


  1. great recap of all the visiting!..and nice work getting the rv ready to head out on the road!!!

  2. Thanks again for the kind words. Paulette and I really enjoyed your visit and look forward to seeing you and Jeanette again down in the desert!

    Good job on getting the 5'er roof cleaned - looks great.