Sunday, September 11, 2011

Show -n-Shine....and more!

Hard to believe that another week has gone by!  Not sure about the rest of you but I am finding the days roll by more quickly and they are getting shorter too.

Yesterday morning started early. I had planned to ride to a friend's home to assist with changing out a light fixture and, along with another friend who joined us, throw around some ideas on how he could suite his basement now that his daughter has moved to Kelowna, BC, to attend university.

A compressed photo of an very early morning scene - with a bit of marine cloud in the air.
This  balloonists was out at the crack of dawn.

I gathered a few tools to throw into the motorcycle saddlebags.  After changing out the fixture, and following some discussion on the potential 'suiting' of his basement, I was ready to head back home. I recalled that the city of Langley was hosting a west coast style Show and Shine - one of the biggest I have ever witnessed - and, according to a local expert (a security guy I spoke with), one of the largest crowds this event has ever seen.
This was the third best looking truck, in my view.
Prepare yourselves for a lot of photos.......!  I could not help myself.  I absolutely love cars and trucks from yesteryear but, for this blog, I am focusing only on trucks and RV's.

Old classic style.  My second favourite.

These are my favourite Chevy's.  As a kid, my father's company had a few of these.  Whenever I see one, it brings back great memories of my childhood.
Our company had one of these too.

This rare Studerbaker has nice lines too.  Too bad the company faltered those many years back.
I noticed that when I was preparing to take a photo people would move back and away from the vehicles.  How nice that was!  Although I didn't bother taking shots of the crowds, trust me when I say there were thousands upon thousands of people here on the streets.
Awesome restoration.

One of earliest models I could find.
A work in progress.
According to the newspaper article there were to be over one thousand vehicles and motorcycles on display.  I do not doubt those numbers.  I would guess that at least 10 to 12 square blocks of Langley's downtown core were blocked off.  It was a sea of people and vehicles....and the smell?????, well, I am sure the food retailers made a killing. And good on them too.
My personal favourite - a 1 Ton Chevy...capable of towing any trailer or 5th wheel.
It's a beauty.
That bright and shiny candy apple red paint job was stunning.
Bolt a 5th wheel hitch pin receiver in this box and imagine the looks you would get pulling that fiver, eh!
The temperature hovered between 25 and 30 degrees.

I spent a bit of time near this '64 Chevy.  For several years, I too had one like this.  It was the very same colour too.  This one was in far better shape than mine....but it sure felt good to reminisce about the drives taken when I was a younger lad.
OK, this is the last of the many photos I could have dropped into this blog...but I'll end it here.
Earlier I mentioned that I chose to focus only on trucks and RV's.  It was a tough choice to limit the number of photos I would drop into this blog.  For the staunch RV'ers out there, here are the few RV's I managed to find during my walkabout.

I could not locate a make for this silver Class A.

We likely all know someone who owned one of these - at one time or other.
This is a converted transit bus.
This Class 'A' has seen a lot of miles and it is still in pretty good shape.
It too looks like a converted former transit bus.
That's it folks!  Oh but could I have loaded this blog up with photos of trucks?  You bet!

I dropped in on a couple of friends who had entered their dolled up Harley Davidson motorcycles in their respective categories...and I'm sure one or all three of them won or placed. OK, enough about the show-n-shine!
Old Fairhaven district in South Bellingham, WA.
Shortly after I returned home, Jeanette was up to taking a ride to find a place for some dinner.  We were in no frame of mind to make dinner so we headed south of the 49th parallel. It took mere minutes to cross into the USA from our home - only 8 KM away.
30 minutes later we were here. 
This was taken from our restaurant seats on the 2nd floor balcony.
Although we have often visited - and eaten in several Fairhaven restaurants - this was our first time in the Jalapeno Mexican Restaurant.  It did not disappoint.
The setting sun - scene taken on the street in Fairhaven, as we prepared to depart.
Well, that was our Saturday.  We trust you enjoyed the Show-n-Shine photos....and your Saturday too.

Thanks for dropping by.

Preparing to ride off into the sunset.


  1. great show and shine day!!!..Fairhaven looks beautiful!!..we may have to stop there one day!!
    enjoy the sunshine today!!

  2. I love those show and Shines! There is one in Campbell River every year that we try to take in. One of Norma's high school friends from Nanaimo has a truck that he is very proud of on display every year. It always makes for a fun day.

  3. Great photos of those old trucks at the 'show and shine'! Some real beauties there - I may just have to paint my Chevy Silverado red now!

    RV's sure have come a long ways since the early days!

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  5. I love finding these small town car shows...great pictures.

  6. Love the photos. There was actually a car show when we were in Barcelona (of all places) a few months back. It's not just the North Americans who love their cars.
    It's fun to look at old vehicles no matter where you find them.
    My Dad had the use of a '66 Chevy pick-up "step-side" when we first moved to Ontario back in '67. Who knew it would turn out to be a classic?