Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Great, Great, Long......Fun Weekend - The Overview

On board a BC Ferries ship to Victoria, Vancouver Island.
Although the weather forecast called for showers all of the four days we would be motorcycling on Vancouver Island, we opted to take our chances. Thursday past was our first of four days away.  We avoided the showers and stayed dry.
It's always a treat to ply the waters of Georgia Straight and Active Pass on the way to Victoria.
In Sidney, BC, shortly after we disembarked from the BC Ferries ship @ Shwatrz Bay.
We stopped into the town of Sidney and called the daughter of one of Jeanette's cousins.  Darcey lives and operates a business in the area.  One phone call connected us and we agreed to meet a few minutes down the road.
Lovely sign at the entrance to Sidney.
Jeanette captured this photo of Darcey with her four legged pal. 
She owns a company called CommuniCanine.  CommuniCanine Home Page
Although ours was a brief visit, it is always fun to catch up with her and to get a drift of her busy life.  She's always on the go. 
 The Undersea Gardens in Victoria Harbour with the famous Empress Hotel in the BG.

We pressed on to the city of Victoria where we checked in to the Inn and once the motorcycle was parked and locked, the suitcase safely stored in the room, we headed for a long walk though downtown and along the inner harbour.
Although not in the forecast, the sun did shine.
Jeanette and I have visited this city on many occasions and I often spent time in Victoria on business.  To now have the time to just meander around - without having to punch a clock - was a nice change.  We took our time, browsed in several stores, stopped for coffee and generally took in the sights and sounds of the downtown core.
We took this photo of the Provincial Parliament Buildings on our return walk from dinner at the famed Sticky Wicket Pub and Restaurant.
Prior to leaving our home for the Island, we had been in touch with Paulette and Rick of
Rick & Paulette's RV Travels  to let them know of our travel plans and to ask about possibly getting together for coffee or lunch.  We agreed to meet at their home on Friday last.  It was nice to meet again - this time on their home turf in the Cobble Hill area - following our last get together at their RV site at the Sands RV and Golf Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA., last February.
We knew that Rick and Paulette heard us arrive in their driveway when the mutzos were let out the door and greeted us with barks, jumping and general doggy excitement.  (More about our visit in the next blog)
Rick and Paulette's fiver in the driveway....readying for their departure back to Desert Hot Springs, this late October, 2011.
From Rick and Paulette's home, it was a brief 30 minute ride up the Island Highway (Trans Canada #1 Highway) to Ladysmith and an overnight visit with Gwen and Steve, life long friends from our former city of White Rock, BC.  Gwen and Steve retired to the island four years ago and we make a yearly pilgrimage to check up on them and to check out the new creations in their home and garden.
L-R    Gwen, Steve and Jeanette
It was nice to catch up on our collective news and enjoy the wonderful ocean view from the dining and living room of their home.  Following a nice dinner, we sat and chatted till Steve and I called it a night and we left Jeanette and Gwen to burn the midnight oil with banter and laughter.  No wonder Jeanette slept in the morning after!!!

In their living room....with a great ocean view!
Following a late breakfast, we prepared for the next leg of our island journey northward.  We had also planned to meet and overnight with another of our RV friends who travel in a lovely Travel Supreme, Class 'A' and who call Lanzville, BC, (just north of the city of Nanaimo) their brick and sticks home. 

Hector is shadowed by his other best friend, Chico - a wonderful Portuguese Water Dog. 
It's true!  Wherever Hector goes, Chico is his shadow.  This dog will not leave his master's side.  He has a wonderful disposition.

Most dog owners we know share the same stories about their dogs forever shadowing them wherever they go.  That must be why they are known as 'man's best friend.'
Jeanette and Diane are looking closely at the wine bottle tuxedo that Diane's mom sewed some years back.  Kind of cute looking, and what a nice touch to covering a Naked Grape bottle of wine.
Hector and Diane prepared a wonderful salmon and Atlantic cod Bar-B-Q
Following a restful night in the urban country setting of Diane and Hector's Lantzville home, a wonderful late morning breakfast, and more chat about their lives and ours, we prepared to saddle up and head for the mid-island ferry @ Duke Pointe for the two hour ferry ride back to the mainland.  (More about our visit in the next blog)
On the ferries ship for our return voyage.
Making sure the captain has this ship under control.
So, this is just a brief overview of our wonderful weekend; visiting relatives, RV friends, long time neighbours, and other RV friends. The weekend was a "10" on our travel scale.  We enjoyed being tourists, enjoyed great company while sharing wonderful food offerings by our hosts and, most importantly, we enjoyed listening to everyones' travel objectives.  It's a gift to be able to share our travel plans with a promise to meet again on the road during our snowbirding adventures.
The 'After Eight' super yacht entering Victoria's harbour.
Our next blog will offer greater detail and more photos of our visits with Rick & Paulette's RV Travels ,  Gwen and Steve's Mediterranean cruise in the coming weeks, and Hector and Diane's plans for the winter.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. sure sounds like you had a great weekend!..and did lots of visiting!!..nice to see 'friends' and catch up!!

  2. Wow! I can't believe how much you and Jeanette can pack into a weekend!! I'm glad to see you had a wonderful visit with your friends after leaving us.

    Thanks again for taking the time to drop in, Paulette and I really appreciated it and enjoyed seeing you both again.