Saturday, February 9, 2013

...And The Fun Continues!

With Easton around, it sure has kept us busy; laughing, playing, feeding, snuggling, hugging and more.   The little RV traveler, that he has become, finds him true to his regular home routine.  He has been a busy little fella with all of the attention and outings.  Yet, he rolls so well with all of the activities....and sleeps right through the night.
Jeanette is heading for the hills.....'The Silly Mountain Trails',  on Superstition Mountain.
Outdoor enthusiasts that they are, Ginette and Trevor were looking forward to hiking.  With Easton, seated in a hiking backpack, they set off, on a beautiful Thursday morning.

They all agreed that, for a first hike, this 'Silly Mountain' was a really good choice.
Although not at the top of the mountain, this was a good mid point to take a break.  Easton was not overly keen on sitting in the backpack so he was carried part of the way up.

Time for some hiking experience on some rocks.
After all of that hard work in the desert sun, Easton wanted to chill out and that they did do once they returned to the RV park.
So many new experiences....but he sure took to loving the warm pool water.
Even Easton's nana got to spend some swim time with him while Ginette and Trevor basked in the hot sun.  They don't want to go home without looking a little bit tanned!
While the family was busy hiking, I was back on the links with my West Coast buddies trying to improve on the score.  And that I did! I knocked off 12 strokes from the day before.  My drives were better and the short game improved too.  It was pay back time too because I did win back the few dollars lost on the previous game....and ended in a good profit position.  Yeah!
We hosted the 'après golf' customary 19th hole beer at our RV spot.
We had also planned to host a barbecued steak dinner for our golfing friends - and family visitors -  on Thursday evening, and all but Philippe and Diane could attend.
L-R  Philippe and Denis......calculating the money they owed me!
Phil could not stay for dinner.  They had other plans.  Denis left to collect Odette and returned for dinner.  Rick hung out with us and, our RV blogging friends, Rod and Sylvia, Six Saturdays and a Sunday | Work's over, now it's time to play!   dropped by for a visit.  It was a perfect afternoon in the sun.  We shared some fun laughs and learned a thing or two about some good tourist spots to visit around here.
L-R   Rod, Sylvia, Ginette, me, Trevor and Jeanette.  Rick is the official photographer.
Mom and daughter painted this funky colour on their toe nails.  We could spot them anywhere in a crowd simply by looking at feet. If they got lost in the desert, they could easily be spotted by search and rescue airplanes.
Easton was in fine form too and looking forward to all the visitors for the barbecue.
Rick and Easton are familiar with each other.  Some of you may recall our regular Sunday, 'Open Mike' sessions(back home) and on one of those pre-Christmas occasions, I brought Easton along.  He took to Rick then and also here.  He and Rick had some good 'face time' together.   I was teaching him to drink water from a glass.  He took to that quickly too....but more likely due to the hot conditions.
Denis and Odette, (below) arrived and I started to barbecue the baked potatoes and steaks while Jeanette was busy with the rest of the menu preparations.  The others enjoyed visiting.
L-R  Odette, Denis, Easton and Ginette.  
Easton got spoiled again with a precious little blue stuffed bear that Odette and Denis brought along. They also brought along a fine Napa Valley wine that was thoroughly enjoyed with the Filet Mignon steaks.
We enjoyed a wonderful outdoor meal on a lovely outdoor desert night.
Yesterday (Friday) was a family day.  No golf!  What?  Our kids wished to to a bit of shopping so off we went, late morning, looking for a few sport stores.  The truck was also served a full tank of diesel before we headed off on the Apache Trail to Tortilla Flats. The 'S' curve road is slow going but we arrived to a busy Tortilla Flats and on time to enjoy lunch in the saloon.
We did stop along the way to enjoy some fine Arizona scenery.

Cowboy Easton....trying on some western hats in Tortilla Flats.
Following a good lunch, we made the slow drive back to Canyon Vista RV Park....for a well earned soak in the hot tub.
Ginette and I challenged Jeanette and Trevor to a quick game of Bocce.  The beautiful facilities in this park are underutilized....but we took advantage of that.
Today is another touring day.  Rick will join in when we head further west towards Globe, AZ., and points further east and north.  More to come on that.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I do agree that the facilities are underutilized, except for the pickleball courts. Check them out in the morning, and even some afternoons. They're usually packed. Have fun at Globe, but dress warm.

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all, you are truly blessed!

  3. a great 'family vacation'! nice to see that everyone is enjoying themselves!!

  4. That little Easton is growing up far too fast. How wonderful to have him with you and what a great time you are having.


  5. Wow, you guys are sure making the best of each day !!

    Filet Mignon and wine make for an amazing meal.

    Glad to see Trevor and Ginette are enjoying themselves. The pressures of a young family can be very

    Take care ... TnT

  6. Love Easton in the cowboy hat!

    Trevor and Ginette sure are getting the royal treatment with all the activities you're into down there. Those hikes look like fun.

    I'd love to knock 12 strokes off my golf game - I might get it down into double digits!!

  7. At least you guys are enjoying some nice weather while your northern visitors are there.

  8. Such a great time, exercise, relaxing and a wonderful meal to boot.
    Love Arizona.

  9. Looks like your having a wonderful time with the family and friends. Hope the good weather finds you for the rest of their visit. Nice pic's of Easton.

  10. Glad to see that Easton is enjoying his holiday...looks like lots of fun going on!

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