Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's a Lovely Day in the Neighbourhood....

Clean and green reflects the properties in this newer area of the Yuma Foothills.
A blog or two back, I mentioned that a future blog would reflect the area we are ensconced in, till mid-March.  Yuma Foothills offers a unique mix of old and new properties, that features homes and casitas with RV sites. We are in the newer development area.  Each RV site offers full services.  Most are gated.
Blooming colours abound....
We particularly enjoy the newer area, dotted with lovely homes and well kept yards.  Some homeowners, such as the yard were are in, rent out a private part of their yard.  Ours is quite private and quiet. Other sites may only have a small casita (or shed) and full hookups for up to three or four RVs.  I'll feature our RV spot in a future blog.

Florida is not the only State to boast a population of alligators.....Check out this crock in the rocks!
We walk the area every day; taking different directions and routes.  Each walk offers something new.  Many RVers walk the residential streets, washes, or desert; or hike the mountains to the east.

I'll let the following photos tell the story about this beautiful development.
Beautiful and gated property...with an RV spot too
That is true, green grass.

This particular walking trail is in one of the numerous washes that dot this area.
The area is book-ended by three golf courses; a Par 3 course and a regular length 9 hole course to the south, and Las Barrancas - an 18 hole full length course to the north.

This property includes a casita with two RV spots - one on each side.
Pride of home ownership is what makes this area so green.
A true Arizona touch with exterior decor.  It's not tacky!
Another property with two RV site divided by a casita.
This mailbox - an many that dot the landscape - were likely painted by the talented Mexican artists in Algodones.
Taken along the 9 hole, full length course on the south end of Yuma Foothills.
Flowers in bloom.
Coyote Wash GC - 15 minutes east from here - in Welton, AZ.
Jeanette and I rode east, over the mountains, and into the town of Welton, the other day.  Our goal was to book a Tee time for Tuesday.  I look forward to playing the course.  It will be my first time there.  It's a lovely layout with many troublesome water hazards.  I may have to purchase some floating golf balls!
Lining up at the first Tee.
From Welton, we rode through the north and west side of Welton and along the numerous vegetable farms that dot this countryside.  It's nice to ride paved roads in between crops of leafy, green vegetables that are harvested and trucked to points north, east, west and into Canada too.  I often see Canadian based transport trucks rolling in and out of Yuma. 

We came out of the farm country, on Highway 95, and headed back to Yuma, then to my brother and sister in law's place for a mid afternoon visit.  They, along with several other friends, will be coming to our site this mid-afternoon, where Jeanette and I will host an outdoor RV style barbecue.  More on that in a later blog.

Before we prepare to host the Sunday burgers, we'll head off with a small group of motorcyclists who invited us to join them for a Sunday ride and brunch, taking us over the eastern hills and into some country we likely have not ridden in before.  We look forward to that.  Speaking of riding, I had better post this soon so that Jeanette and I can ready for the ride.

Happy Sunday to all.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. It's a lovely day in our neighbourhood too! Sunshine key in Florida. High of around 30C today and not a cloud in the sky. Love it!

  2. What a better way to explore the area than on your bike, sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. Looks like a great place to stay. I had not heard of people opening up their residence for RV stay, sounds like a great concept and a way to make some extra $$$. Enjoy!

  4. a lovely day in the neighbourhood! enjoy your ride today!

  5. Sure some beautiful homes in the area your staying and some picture perfect grass at that one house. Well sounds like it's going to be another fun day with that morning ride, brunch, and then your BBQ in the afternoon. Enjoy!

  6. Love your header photo. We too like the Foothills area--enjoyed your photographs!