Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Easton Has Landed....and It's Been Fun, Fun, Fun!

Easton, our grandson, arrived with his parents in tow, yesterday, at the Phoenix/Mesa Gateway airport.  You want to see his grandmother smile? 
Trevor Ginette and Easton are visiting for the week....and it sure is fun for us......and them too.  Although they all had to get up at 4:00 am, to catch the flight down, Easton would not settle for a nap.  Not a chance!  Hey, he's come all this way to have fun in the sun so, no naps.  And what a trooper he was. He was his usual smiley and happy self.
Easton is checking out his new digs...
Letting Nana feed him lunch.
While we gave him the 25 cent tour of his accommodations and the RV park, his parents were fast enjoying the sun and heat.

"OK Nana, these digs will suit me fine.  I have plenty of things to play with and the outside play site is pretty nice too.  I'm set to enjoy my holiday!"
Once he had a good look indoors, we were outdoors where he played himself out.  New toys acquired by his grandmother had him busy.
In a previous blog, we introduced our readers to Teresa and Trent.  Learning of Easton's arrival, Teresa - a grandmother too - longed for a hug and face time. She asked for a bit of substitute time with Easton.  It doesn't replace her grandchildren but it was fun. Well, Easton didn't really mind.  After all, Teresa and Trent brought a new toy along!  "Whoa, nice folks these are.  Bring it on!  I get to hug these folks and I get a brand new toy!  That is win, win!" 
L-R  Teresa with Easton, Rick, Trevor and Trent.
We enjoyed a lovely early evening outdoors.
Easton moved over to his mom for some dinner before his much needed bed time.  Once down, he slept the entire night - save for a 3:30 am requirement for some refreshments before sleeping till 7:00 am.
"Hey mom, where's my dinner?"
Jeanette and Teresa engaged in conversation.
L - R    Jeanette, Teresa and good friend, Rick, who flew down for some golf
Teresa and Trent had returned from dinner out to celebrate her birthday and, when they left, we barbecued some dinner and enjoyed a lovely evening sitting outdoors.
Rick is digging in to the food.  Ummm, ummmm, good!
Early this morning (Wednesday) my good friend, Denis, came by our RV park to hustle me off to meet Phil and Rick for a round of golf at the Gold Canyon Mountain side golf and country club.  What a treat this course is.   It is expensive but, through  Denis' connections, we got to play at near half price.  This resort is 5 star!
The course leaves one believing the grass is manicured with scissors.  It is just that stunning!
We have been playing golf, as a foursome for many, many years.  To meet here in the desert is a gift too.  Phil (and spouse, Diane) winter here while Deni (and spouse, Odette) fly here several times during the winter months.  Rick, as many blog followers may recall, will fly down anytime for golf too.  So, we all agreed, several months back, to meet up here for a few golf rounds.  

Tomorrow's round (Thursday) will have us meeting up at the same resort as today but playing the 'Sidewinder' course. We are led to believe that it is a wee bit easier than today's round.
L-R   Denis, Rick and Philippe  (Yours truly manned the camera)
We did have a fun round and Phil won with a solid  88.  Well done!  The rest of us had some magic moments on this challenging golf course.  There were moments of brilliance interspersed with moments of dread.  No complaints!  That's golf!
I was personally attracted to a lot of the desert you see above.  On the front nine, I seemed to drive my ball away from the lush green grass and into the desert.  That cost me several penalty strokes.  I woke up on the back nine and the game improved exponentially.
Some truly beautiful homes dot this exceptional golf resort.
The tee boxes, fairways and putting greens were in immaculate condition! The greens ran true.  If you read the line and putted right, the ball would go in the hole.  Unlike less manicured and managed golf courses, this course was well worth the value.
Such beauty!
Rick and Phil share a moment below but I'm not sure if it was because they really like each other or whether one beat the other on a bet.   LOL  It is always a great day out with these guys.
Back at the RV, I played with Easton before he enjoyed his dinner and a nice bath.  We caught the photo of him fooling around with his dad before bed time.

Easton sat out and enjoyed watching us have out dinner but shortly after, he was sound asleep.
We ended our evening outdoors, chatting and laughing before closing things up and calling it a night.

While I was at golf, Jeanette, Ginette, Trevor and Easton enjoyed the pools and other facilities here at Canyon Vista RV Resort. Tomorrow, they have a hike in their plans followed by more pool time and general R & R.  More on that later.....!

Life is good....oh, and fun too!

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. thats it?..geesh! no pictures of the little guy?
    enjoy your 'vacation with your daughter, son in law and of course the 'star of the blog' Easton!!

  2. Sue,

    I started the blog and had to stop for a brief time, when you came on to read it. I did finish it, read on!

  3. Wonderful the kids could come down and enjoy some sunshine.

  4. Looks like everyone is enjoying there time down here. I can't wait until next weekend when our blog will be showing pictures of the Grands.

    Take Care.

  5. now that's more like it!..enjoy your time with the kids! looks like there will be more fun in your future!

  6. Easton is growing by leaps and bounds. I wonder what he thinks of leaving the cold and rain and suddenly finding himself in warm sunshine? I'll bet he loves it.

    It's going to be a busy and wonderful week for you and Jeanette - enjoy it!

  7. Glad to to see everyone arrived safely and to some beautiful weather. Sure looks like the week got off to a good start. Nice looking course to play with your buddies. Great pictures of everyone, especially Grandpa and Easton.

  8. Wow, looks like a great day! Always wonderful to have family with us.

  9. We simply can't tell you enough how much it meant to Teresa, to cuddle that little fellow ...

    Teresa keeps on saying out of the blue "What a good natured baby, Easton is" ... lol.

    You and Jeanette are truly blessed with your daughter and her family.

    We are not golfers (yet) but that course looked very impressive, and with your friends there, I would figure a fellow would be pretty content.

    See you in Yuma !!

    Take care ... TnT