Saturday, February 2, 2013

WOW! Talk About Meeting Blogger Friends....

Having only been in Canyon Vista RV Resort, these past 30 hours or so,  has uncovered long time blogger friends/followers and new ones too.  What a great time we are having here!
Superstition all its glory
This is the 'zoomed in' view from our site in Gold Canyon.  So many bloggers and thousand of RVers hike the numerous trails this grand mountain offers. We have a very busy schedule, while here, but if time permits, we'll try for at least one hike.  If not, well, there's always next year....or the year after....of the year after that.
Our site in Canyon Vista is on the corner with our door side facing west.  We see the Arizona sunset every evening it is not cloudy.  We are batting 100%  so far.
Sylvia and Rod    Six Saturdays and a Sunday | Work's over, now it's time to play!
Last early evening, shortly after our dinner, we received a telephone call from bloggers that we follow.  They knew we were in their winter park.  We had corresponded several times with a view to meet once we were settled in here.  We invited them over for an evening gab session.
We truly enjoyed meeting these fine folks, who share our collective delights in RVing.  They enjoy similar activities; motorcycling, hiking and just generally having fun in life.  Having followed their blog, these past few years, it was a pleasure to meet in person.  Sylvia and Rod spend their non-RV lives in beautiful West Kelowna, BC, following a most recent move from Campbell River, BC, on Vancouver Island.
Another beautiful day called for a motorcycle ride.  Down from the swivelwheel came the bike.
I tootled around the RV park on the motorcycle (no helmet required in Arizona) and met a fine Iowa couple who enjoy motorcycling too.  After a 30-40 minutes chin wag - with an invite to drop by our site - I was back at our RV spot to collect Jeanette for a motorcycle ride.  Well.....ride we did....but not before we found these lovely RVers in the photo below.
Teresa in the middle, flanked by husband Trent on the right......and we're not sure about the guy on the left.
We have been following the Trent and Teresa blog for well over one year now. These fine folks call Regina, Saskatchewan, home when they aren't traipsing around the desert resorts in Arizona and California.  We did ride up - unannounced - but these gracious folks were kind to welcome us with open arms and then began a planned short conversation that lasted about two hours or more.  Oh, so much in common we have!  Having learned of our 10 month old grandson's arrival, early next week, Teresa made a personal request to share some hugs with Easton.  You see, Trent and Teresa are seriously missing their two grandchildren.  We offered Easton up instantly.  He likes hugs....and Ginette and Trevor won't mind one bit....nor do we, for that matter.  Hugs are good.....and we finally left their site after sharing some too. Fun couple, these two are!

We look forward to meeting up with Trent and Teresa again, while here in Canyon Vista RV Resort, and later when we are in Yuma and in Palm Springs. 
Touring around Gold Canyon....and working our way into the Golf Resort area.  Stunning!
Gold Canyon is modern and organized.  It has a small town feel with an urban beauty one rarely finds.  It is quaint and relaxed.  This type of area suits us perfectly.  Although only one half hour, or so, from downtown Phoenix - and 10 minutes from Mesa - it feels open and unobstructed while graced by the beauty of Superstition Mountain. We are delighted to be here again.

Horsing around is important to trail riders and this topography offers endless trails.  
Just follow John & Brenda's Incredible Journey to learn about their awesome trail rides with like minded horsemen and horsewomen.  Speaking of John and Brenda, they too knew of our arrival here and were quick to put out the ole' welcome mat and invite us to a Monday lunch at their 'Dogpound South' ranch....not too far south from Gold Canyon.  For non blog followers, JB and Brenda hale from their ranch, aptly named, 'Dogpound North', just north and west of Calgary, Alberta.

We have not met them before but we seem to know them well. As long time blog followers we have exchanged emails and blog comments for a few years.  Blog followers will know of Brenda's culinary talents and we look forward to a wee taste.

JB and Brenda will quite likely share some horse sense with us too.  Because we like horsin' around, we're up for that.  LOL
One of the two pools / hot tubs / lounging spots in the resort.
Back from our motorcycle ride, we changed back into walking shorts and headed for the pool area, closest to our RV spot.  What a delight!
Clearly, Ginette, Trevor and Easton will be spending some quality time here,,,,and us too!
Nice outdoor sofas that surround the pool and hot tub area.
Jeanette and I sat around on these lovely outdoor sofas for a half hour or so before heading back to our place to prepare some dinner.  While reading blogs, following our dinner, fellow RVers and avid motorcyclists from Iowa, Bonnie and Fritz,  dropped by to check out our swivelwheel.  They motorcycle!  Their ride is a stunning Harley Davidson, Screaming Eagle, Road King.  Fritz and I had chatted at length this morning about our motorcycle carrier and I invited them to take a close look when it suited them.  They examined the swivelwheel in detail before we sat down for an hour of general chat.
             Fritz and Bonnie tow a trailer that carries their 4 wheel off road toy and their HD Road or Street Glide, on a ball hitch behind their 5th wheel It's legal in their State of Iowa.....and several others. (That would be illegal in BC, Washington State, Oregon and other States and Provinces.  We do know that it is legal to tow a 5th wheel and a ball hitched trailer behind it in the Province of Alberta, but the load can't be longer than 65 feet.)
So, this past day..and a bit....has been a great one - as far a meeting blogging colleagues and meeting new like minded folks.  What's not to like about that.

More to come in the days ahead.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. your list of blogger meet and greets is growing by leaps and bounds!!!

  2. My goodness, that was a busy, busy day! Give Brenda and JB one of those hugs from us.

  3. It is so nice to meet up with fellow bloggers and get to add a real person to the name and picture.
    Sounds like you had a very busy day.

  4. You are just turning into quite the social butterflies!

  5. Wow, looks like you had some great visits with some very nice folks, sounds like fun!

  6. You've sure been busy! When you mentioned Trent and Teresa the other night, I didn't know the name, but I did meet Trent last year when they were here for a couple of weeks. Sylvia has dropped in and talked to them this year while on a walk, but I haven't met up with them yet. That'll have to change!

  7. It's a Blogger Bonanza! Looks like your park is the place to be right now with all your visitors.

    I'm betting Easton is going to enjoy the warm sunshine and the pool after the long rainy season up in Vancouver - not to mention his Mom and Dad.

    I'd love to take some hikes on Superstition Mountain.

  8. Hola from Mazatlan. Seems like you are cropping up on all of our friends blogs so thought we would just say howdy and will check out your blog.

  9. Good to see your having the opportunity to meet so many blogging friends. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks ahead. Sure beats being home in the rain.

  10. The visiting of fellow bloggers sounds great, the meeting of fellow motorcyclists and enjoying a ride sounds even greater, but the upcoming visit and hugs/kisses by your grandchild [and his parents!] sounds the 'greatest'!

  11. Thank you so much for looking us up yesterday !!

    We really enjoyed meeting you, and look forward to more visits.

    We didn't realize that Rod and Sylvia had a blog, and since we discovered it we must say it is well written.

    Teresa picked up a little something from Babies R Us for that cute little Easton ... lol.

    Take care ... TnT