Friday, July 12, 2013

A hike in the Woods and Breakfast on the Beach

Since our previous post, we have not had the time to work on completing our pond landscaping with the flagstones we recently purchased.  There have been too many other distractions.

Jeanette and I did manage to get a hike in the cooling woods the other day, when the temperatures hit near 32 degrees. It felt good to walk in the cooling depths of a local forest trail.
Nice and cool on this trail
New fencing along one of the streams.
We both remarked at the low level of water in this stream.  It is unusual.
The numerous streams that run through Aldergrove Park forest trails serve as a natural air conditioner.  We walked for about 90 minutes and enjoyed the trails...almost exclusively to ourselves.  The odd jogger passed us along our route.   We intentionally stayed in the forested trails to escape the heat.
Little Easton dropped by with his mom a few times and he has now discovered the little chair  in the kitchen.  He now takes short breaks by sitting down on what use to be his mom's little chair when she was Easton's age.
Yesterday saw us leave home early for the 20 minute ride to White Rock beach (our former home for over 30 years) where we met up with our friends, Lorne and Mariette, for breakfast on the beach.   It was great to catch up.  We obviously were heavy in chat because we did not take any photos.
Rolling into White Rock. Yes, that is the Pacific Ocean, between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island to the west.
Heading for the restaurant.
Some early morning walkers were strolling the pier.
We met at a funky little breakfast place called, 'Poultry in Motion', where we help ourselves to coffee and enjoy a traditional breakfast fare while looking out on the beach strip. Following a stroll on the beach promenade, we said our good byes and headed off to complete some errands prior to rolling back for home.

Jeanette and I have a two day motorcycle road trip planned for Tuesday of next week.  We'll be off to the BC Okanagan Valley to visit with long time friends who retired there.  We're looking forward to that.  The weather is looking great for the ride over the mountains.

Between now and then, we have some routine things to look after here, including planned visits with our favourite west coast aunty who was just moved to a hospice.  

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. fun to enjoy all the things our 'neighborhood' has to offer!..Poultry in motion?..that sounds like a good place to check out next time we are in White Rock!

  2. If you have tme when you're in the Okanagan send us a note, and maybe we could have a coffee.

  3. Like you and Jeanette, we enjoy those quiet trails in the forest - especially on hot days.

    Easton sure seems to be a busy little guy - always doing something to keep himself busy. Gotta love that.

    Enjoy your bike ride to the Okanagan.