Sunday, July 7, 2013

This, That & Another Sleepover

Since our return from the circle ride through southwestern BC - into Osoyoos; crossing into the US of A; overnight in Winthrop, WA, - it has been routine back home. 
I golfed the North Bellingham, WA, golf course this past Friday.  It was our regular men's play.  We play a different course every week.  In years past, we patronized one course for the entire season.  It is fun to move around.

Easton's parents were attending another wedding this Friday and we were thrilled to have him for another overnight.  Talk about fun!
He can reach the table top now....
This little man is growing quickly and, for some reason, we seem to enjoy time spent with him more than when our own kids were growing.  Maybe it is because we have more time to watch him.  When our kids were little, we were busy with life and work.  Now, it seems that time slows right down and we get to absorb his growth and development.
Out enjoying the local park.
Although he enjoys being wheeled around, he much prefers getting out and pushing his own stroller.  He's a little work horse.
Our sun room is his favourite spot to play with toys.  He can hear the waterfall from the back yard pond, watch the birds enjoying bathing in it and just spreading things around.  We love the way he emulates the sound of motor vehicles.
After his Saturday morning breakfast, Jeanette and I took Easton back to the local park.  Not another soul was around.  We had the entire soccer and ball fields to ourselves.  Now that he has discovered his two legs, he sure likes to walk and walk and walk. It's a great way to keep us exercised too!
We did a lot of walking in the grass.
Taking a break,
Yippeee!  Sliding is fun!  Lets do more!
We tried out the little slide and that brought some giant smiles to his face. These simple pleasures sure bring out the fun we can have with our little man.

Jeanette was focused on the camera and, as a result, I didn't get to  photograph her interacting with Easton.  She gets this little guy laughing, let me tell you!

Ginette came by, yesterday afternoon, to collect him and his overnight bag. He was headed back home.  Jeanette and I settled into a quiet evening and closed it off by watching a movie.
Our breakfast place this Sunday morning.
Our Sunday morning coffee group is meeting at the Ocean Beach Hotel - along the White Rock City promenade.  That's a big change from the norm.  We usually meet at a Tim Horton's.

And that colours the past few days in our world. 

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. So much fun to interact with grandchildren especially now that we have the time.

  2. Good times with your Grandkids are sure special. Ours will be showing up to check out the beach in a week and a half. We're looking forward to it!

  3. Looks like great fun for sure, we can't wait for grandkids!

  4. Great post, Rene. I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of Easton and especially looking at all the fun he was having.

    It give us a lot to look forward to with our own little guy.

    You're right about having more time to enjoy grandchildren too - it's all good times it seems.

  5. Wow, little Easton is growing up fast. Grandkids are so much fun. We cherish every moment, too!