Sunday, July 28, 2013

At The End of The Road

It took 90 minutes to get there but the view was well worth it!  Where the pavement ends is where the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park begins.
Chilliwack Lake
The high mountain - with a bit of snow - at the far end of the lake is part of the Washington State North Cascades mountain range. Chilliwack Lake ends close to the US border.

A film set built near our home in South Langley.
I do not recall the name of the TV series but this temporary film set - near our home - has been readied for a new season of filming.  When we returned home this spring, the entire set had been boarded up.   The cameras will be rolling appears!  It is likely some type of horror series.
Chilliwack River - famous for white water rafting and kayaking.
Although the river is lower now than in early spring, it still offers some drastic white water.  It is a huge draw for expert kayakers. 
This scene was taken at the bridge crossing the Chilliwack River, just south of the City of Chilliwack
This is a popular spot for die hard fishermen.  We saw many who were casting standard lures while others were casting flies.

The boat launch at Chilliwack Lake
Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park was our Saturday destination.  Jeanette packed a really nice lunch.   Ninety minutes later, we arrived at the rustic beach front.  Several families were enjoying the small beach while others were kayaking, swimming or power boating.

We rode out for a couple of reasons but we also wanted to scout out the truly beautiful RV camping spots here.  One area - called 'The Radium Loop' - is ideal for large rigs.  It would fit our 5th wheel with ease.  The sites are well separated with natural trees and ground cover.
One side of the beach - east from the boat launch.
We will bring our Sea Eagle kayak when we camp here this September.
The RV and camping spots were full.  The place was busy, busy!  Come September though, this place calms down.  With kids back in school, this spectacular outdoor camping area becomes a draw for us....and other seasoned RVers.  That's just what we look forward too.

There are no services. The rate is $18/night and seniors (65 years and older) get the sites for $9. What a deal!  Each camping loop has a fresh water spigot and there is a dump station on the way out from the park.  Fires are allowed in the pits at each site.
Chilliwack seen along the paved highway.
Our generator will keep the on board batteries charged. Our fresh, grey and black water tanks will be sufficient for a four or five day stay.  This place got our camping juices going!
White water gates for expert kayakers
We enjoyed our lunch while looking out on Chilliwack Lake. Although the brochure states that the lake is quite cold, that did not deter several young and old from swimming the crystal clear water.  Not for us though!  We like swimming but cold water doesn't appeal to us anymore.  It used to though....some time back....!
A blueberry field in the Abbotsford City area.
We took one more ride through the 'Radium Loop' of the campsite before riding out and heading back for home.  Almost every spot in the loop would work for our rig.  

On the ride back, Jeanette spotted a newly renovated building in the tiny town of Yarrow that also included a restaurant with lovely outdoor covered area.  We took a break there and enjoyed a tea for her and a coffee for me.  Nice!

We rolled back home by 5:30 pm.  Indeed, another nice ride to a beautiful west coast spot.

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  1. And this is why I gravitate towards "RV" blogs.
    Nice pictures. Not sure it's a place I'll ever get to, so that fun.
    Thanks for taking me along.

  2. Ah Chilliwack...I lived in Veddar Crossing which is just outside Chilliwack, for 4 years. I just loved the area. Way back then we had a pop up tent trailer and we took it somewhere every single weekend from beginning of May to end of October. I think the salmon used to run in Chilliwack River, not sure.

  3. Beautiful photos, Rene. I don't think we've ever been to Chilliwack Lake but we have seen the river. I'll bet camping there in this weather would be awesome!

    That old house and unit down below remind me of the old Psycho movie. I think there's some kind of TV series called Bates Motel now. Could that be it?

  4. Ruth,

    The salmon still run in the Chilliwack River in the fall when returning to their spawning grounds. At this time of the year people mainly fish for trout.

  5. Rick,

    You are quite right about the movie Psycho. From the local newspaper, Jeanette read that the movie, Psycho 2 is set for filming. I also believe this set is used for the TV series, Bates Motel, as you pointed out.

  6. Wow...awesome pictures! What a great ride on the bike...I would camp out there in a minute!

  7. Psycho2 and the TV series, be interesting to see if they amount to anything.

  8. That looks like a nice spot to park. Have a good trip to the flatlands.