Monday, July 22, 2013

Success, Fun and Growth

The past few days have produced some interesting moments in our lives.
Son in law, Trevor, graduates from the Justice Institute.
Trevor graduated from an exhaustive and intensive firefighting training program.  Although a post secondary graduate in mechanical engineering, he has also completed a plumbing ticket and now, his ultimate goal is to become a firefighter.  He accomplished that with flying colours.
Receiving his diploma
A parting photo with the Chief of Firefighter Training
Friday was graduation day and we all got together to cheer his accomplishments at the Justice Institute, in the city of New Westminster.
Trevor with his son, Easton, and his dad, Warren
A special photo with Easton
L-R  Brother Wesley, maternal grandmother Cleo, Trevor, Easton and mom Sandi.
Ginette and Trevor
Their team name - 'The Guardians"  helmet

We got to enjoy this great cake at a reception that followed the graduation ceremonies.  Notice the spelling mistake?  The letter 'U' is missing on the word, 'Guardians'!
Heading out following the festivities.
Trevor made us proud with another of his many accomplishments.  Well done!

Easton has figured out how to climb onto our bed. Our little man keeps growing. He is relentless and forever taking on new challenges.  He was thrilled to have finally climbed up on his very own.
The busy beaver that he is, Easton was our overnight guest on graduation day.  Trevor and Ginette were meeting with his family for dinner, followed by a gathering of several firefighting members to celebrate completion of their training program.

Shortly after we got back home with Easton, he got busy showing us his abilities to climb. Jeanette was able to have the camera at the ready for the above photo. Yes, he is a little monkey....and a fun one too!
Attending a local outdoor fair on Saturday afternoon.
On Saturday afternoon, Ginettte was off to a 'stagette' so Trevor came by to gather Easton and join us to take in the local fair in Aldergrove, BC.  Like most small town fairs, there are fun things to see and do and the goal was to expose Easton to the action.
Easton was attracted to this race involving modified lawnmowers. Anything with a motor is a draw!
That was followed with touring the antique tractors that were featured in a tractor pull.
The amusement park was all brand new to him too.  It was so much fun watching him take in the sights, sounds and smells.  Mini doughnut smells wafted everywhere.  Oh, and the hot dogs were awesome!!!
Whoa!  Check out this giant turtle.
The miniature pony was a draw too....and he wanted to get on the saddle.
Once in the saddle, Easton immediately emulated riding motions.  He wanted to ride so we paid the fee and off he went with his dad nearby.  He absolutely loved it.  No fear in this little man....and he's only 15 months old!!!
Giddy up!
Nearby was the local 4-H area offering a small petting zoo.  Easton has always emulated goat sounds and once he heard the goats, he was quick to answer back.  That got some visitors laughing.  
He was exposed to a lot of newness in the few short hours we spent at the local fair.  Such fun had! To witness this little fella see things for the first time is so pleasurable.
Of course, there is no better fun than running and being swung by the arms on some soft artificial turf.  We could have kept this up for hours on end. Back home, Trevor and Easton joined us for a barbecue dinner before they headed out to retrieve Ginette from the stagette.
Regal looking.....
Jeanette and I were up for a hike on Sunday.  A new trail we were eager to try was the the Otter Trail.  Although a short one, it was a fun and challenging walk. Coming out of a forested area, we saw this regal Llama hiding out in the shade, on the other side of a fence.
View of our Sunday walking trail....
We were up for a much longer hike so we drove off to a south Langley trail we featured in one of our blogs, last summer.  That trail took us the better part of 90 minutes to complete. Feeling we had burned off a couple of calories, we headed back home.

Jeanette readied for an evening out with nursing friends who planned to attend the 2013 Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship being held at SoftBall City in South Surrey/White Rock. They enjoyed a lovely evening of high caliber, international women's  fastpitch competition.

I enjoyed a quiet late afternoon at home before watching a couple of Netflix movies.  

And there you have it!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Trevor sure sounds like an ambitious young man. Good for him.
    So is Jeanette going to try out for a softball team this winter down south?

  2. Rod and Sylvia,

    Jeanette may well try out for the softball team. She was a ball player in her younger years and she absolutely loves the sport.

  3. Congrats to Trevor on his graduation and hope he finds a position as a firefighter in the near future.

    It's interesting to see how much Easton loves animals large and small. He certainly is an adventurous one for a little guy.

  4. Congratulations to Trevor...well earned!