Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Blogger Visit and Very Good Reasons to Fly Home...

It is Sunday morning as I write this.  I am in our home, back in Langley, BC.  My flight from Palm Springs airport arrived in Bellingham, WA at 10:30 last night.  Jeanette (who had flown home a few days earlier) was there to greet me. 

The Pacific winds were howling!  The landing was a case of severe buffeting with some of the worse turbulence I have felt in a long, long time. Terra firma was welcomed by several passengers who's stomachs were seriously affected by the harsh turbulence.
One of the two blocked entrances to the Palm Springs Airport. Only one entrance was accessible but the traffic flow was fine.  (Photo taken from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels) All the diversion is due to the arrival of Air Force One - President Obama's official Boeing 747 aircraft. 

Early yesterday morning, I rode the motorcycle out from our RV site @ Sam's in Desert Hot Springs and rode well over 100 KM.  Knowing it would be my last ride (for seven days before my return to the desert), I did end up at the Palm Springs Airport to scout the best access.  My RV/Motorcycle friend, Lucky, was offering to drive me to the airport and I wanted to know the best access in.  Good thing too.  I was able to direct him in.  My flight (at 7:08 pm) was slightly delayed but the plane arrived in good time in Bellingham.
Photo of Lucky and his wife, Trena - taken in Desert Hot Springs, last winter.
The morning before my flight back to Langley, BC, good blogger friend, Rick Doyle of Rick & Paulette's RV Travels  came by our site for a mid-morning chin wag.  We enjoyed bottled water in the shade and caught up on our lives.  We walked around Sam's Spa and Resort and I held the reins on the mutzos while Rick went into the spa area to take some photos.  His blog will highlight his impressions of this resort in the days ahead.
Rick and the mutzos while on our walk around the RV park.
I am minding Molly and they keep a keen eye on the door their master entered. 
Rick and the mutzos preparing to head back to their RV park.
Rick left back for the Sands RV Resort - a few miles west on Dillon Road - and while I was enjoying lunch outside, a motorcycle pulled up.  It was Lucky.  He had been running a few errands and chose to drop by our site on his way back to Cathedral City.  We rode off together and traipsed around some good desert roads before arriving at he and Trena's lovely RV lot in the beautiful Outdoor RV Resort.
Example of the beautiful RV site at the Outdoor RV Resort - Cathedral City, CA
Following Friday morning's motorcycle ride, I tidied up around the 5th wheel, stored our chairs, table and barbecue, and covered the motorcycle.
That cover should keep the dust off.....
Lucky arrived at 5:00 pm sharp, Saturday afternoon, and 20 minutes later, we were at the Palm Springs airport.  

Air Force One sat open and close to most viewing areas.  As a result, many, many folks - with cameras in hand - made quick stops to photograph the beautiful aircraft. Jeanette had our camera with her and although I tried to get a photo with our iPad, it was not nearly as good as the photo I borrowed from Rick Doyle's blog site. Rick & Paulette's RV Travels
Lovely photo of the Presidential Jet.
Our activities are chocker block full, these next few days.  I am really looking forward to seeing Deni, Courtney and our new (one month old) grandson, Owen.  Jeanette has already had plenty of opportunity to spoil him but it's now my turn.  I'll get to meet him this Sunday morning when we drop by Owen's maternal grandmother's home. 

Owen is just over one month old...
Barb (Courtney's mom) is holding a baby shower today (Sunday).  After having a good visit with Owen, his dad Deni, his Uncle Trevor, his cousin Easton and I will be hanging out together while Owen gets totally spoiled by all of those women who want to shower him....and hold him.  Good luck today Owen!!!! LOL

Owen's very first airplane ride.  Jeanette was at the Abbotsford Airport to collect Deni, Courtney and Owen on their arrival from Edmonton, Alberta, Friday night past.
Ginette greets her new nephew......and has Owen well positioned over her soon to be born baby girl.
L-R  Easton ("hey what's the fuss all about?"), new mom Courtney, a very pregnant Ginette, Deni and Trevor.
Well, it is time to get with the program, so to speak, and prepare for a busy couple of days.

This colours the past couple of days.  From the heat and dry of the desert, and now back home in the damp coolness of the British Columbia coast, we look forward to some quality time with Easton, Owen - their parents - and another grand baby that is soon to grace us when our daughter, Ginette, delivers a baby girl, any day now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Glad to see you arrived home safely. Sure has been another fun but busy week for you both. Nice you and Rick had a chance to visit before your departure always makes for a good time. Will be looking for the delivery news of your new grandchild and enjoy your Easton time. Sure he's going to be excited to have some Grandpa time.

  2. You had a busy last day here in Desert Hot Springs and a great flight back home. Now for more busy family time there. Enjoy.

  3. Love that picture of Grandma and Owen - that's a real keeper.

    I can't imagine how excited you all must feel about the impending arrival of your first granddaughter!

    Looks like the whole family is there and ready for the arrival of the little princess!

  4. Glad you made it home safe and sound and know you will have a wonderful time. Can't wait for pictures of the new Grandbaby!

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