Monday, February 10, 2014

Last Day in Yuma....the Big Wheels Roll on Tuesday.

This is a prep day to ready for our departure from Yuma tomorrow (Tuesday).  Our wheels are rolling further west and north towards Palm Springs, California country.  We have enjoyed a memorable time in the Yuma area.

With rising temperatures - into the mid-80's, these past couple of days - we took full advantage to motorcycle and to hike the local areas.
The old bridge crossing from downtown Yuma to the old Fort Yuma area.
Crossing this bridge only meant one thing!  We were heading to the Imperial Date Farm for one last date shake.  We've been good though!  That was only our second date shake, these past three weeks.  Those shakes are soooooo.... gooooood!
Old Fort Yuma area.
With our date shakes ingested, we continued east and north on S-24 highway towards the Imperial Dam area.  Having visited there before, we chose to continue north, to the end of the road, where the pavement ends at Squaw Lake Recreation Site.
Squaw Lake - North from the Imperial Dam
Still waters beckoned our kayak but it would be impossible to haul with the motorcycle....but, we'll keep this in mind for future paddles. 
Squaw Lake RV site - no services (dry camping only)
Although it was quite busy, there were a few open sites at the RV park (photo above).  We rode in and around.  This place is popular with boaters, kayakers and fishers. With solar panels and generators, dry campers manage well.  Shower and bathroom facilities are available.
Dock area at Squaw Lake
This area is also popular with desert boondockers.  RV after RV can been seen dotting the landscape, above and around the lake.  Most - if not all - RV's have solar panels facing the sun to charge the batteries.
Lonely kayakers
Actually, the two kayakers (photo above) were not really lonely.  Both had two or three fishing rods working as they trolled the lake.  We are told that this lake is stocked with catfish and large mouth bass.
Sherman tank @ Yuma (army) Proving Grounds.
The S-24 highway - east from the Imperial Dam - leads to the tank and big gun display at the Yuma Proving Grounds.  Many types of tanks are featured.  Each placard colours the principal features and main applications of each tank.
M-103 Combat tank - with 120 mm gun
The M-103 is one large and ominous tank and with a powerful gun too.
M-107 175 mm  Self Propelled Howitzer
Several guns are also on display.  For RVers, who roll into Yuma, the Yuma Proving Grounds, the Imperial Dam, Squaw Lake and Martinez Lake make for fun and interesting day trips.
Tank driver likely painted this moniker on his Sherman tank
We also took advantage to hike around the Yuma Foothills.  It takes only a few minutes to reach the eastern outskirts to head towards the chocolate painted mountains to the east. To walk around the developed areas of the Foothills is pleasant anytime too.
One of several large homes in our Yuma Foothills area.
No shortage of desert plant life in the Foothills.
There was no wind yesterday, when Jeanette and I took a long, long walk around our area.  The US flag - photo below -  was completely still.  That is unusual in this area. Light breezes are what make this area so pleasant to spend outdoors. The dry, desert mid-80's temperature was amazingly perfect for a walkabout.
No wind - The US flag is at rest.
So....tomorrow we say good bye to the Yuma, Arizona region as we depart for the southern California climes in the Palm Springs area.  We are looking forward to returning to the Desert Hot Springs area, north of Palm Springs.
Love the mountains that surround Yuma
We are having dinner out this evening.  Hector, Diane, Bernie (my brother) and his wife, Rita, will join us.  We are looking forward to that.

Before that though, we'll spend a few hours readying our fiver for tomorrow's journey. A final walk in the area will close off the day till we head for dinner.  The motorcycle has to be loaded and strapped down on the swivel wheel, and all the other stuff that RVers need to look after will get done too.  We'll only have to hitch up and stow a few things before rolling out tomorrow.
Palm trees are numerous on home sites
We thoroughly enjoy the numerous palm trees that dot this area.
Nice entrance to a wash near us.
Our late afternoon walk, yesterday, led us to where Hector and Diane's RV is parked.  A few folks were enjoying happy hour and we were invited to join in.  Shortly after everyone left, Hector and Diane insisted that we stay for dinner.  Well.....what a treat we had.  Who could say no to barbecued salmon they caught off the west coast of Vancouver Island this past summer.  Dinner was great....the company even greater.  Thanks!

Did any of you get to watch the CBC-TV special, featuring the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles first TV appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, that was broadcast last night?  WHAT A SHOW! Click on the link below for all the great videos and more information on the anniversary.

Onwards and forwards.......thanks for dropping in.....!


  1. Gotta really be loving this weather.
    We did enjoy the Beatles tribute too, excellent!

  2. The 50th anniversary show was great fun to watch. Have a safe trip to DHS.

  3. Palm Springs should be having terrific weather for your arrival - even the winds have stopped here in the desert!

    The Beatles show was amazing!