Sunday, February 2, 2014

Around and About......

We woke up to a typically beautiful Yuma 'pre-sunrise' view out of our 5th wheel picture window, again yesterday morning.

Pre-sunrise morning
Jeanette and I often take a morning walk around the Yuma Foothills. We are close to the eastern mountains and while out on Saturday morning, we felt the breeze that we hoped would not develop into a strong desert wind.
Our land lady's flowers.  She loves her garden and it shows.  There are plants, trees and various cacti everywhere in her yard.  That is a benefit we get to enjoy during our stay here.
Lovely bricked entrance to a yard.
I was over at my brother's Yuma home yesterday, to return an item.  Bernie told me about his new purchase of a Windows 8, laptop computer.  He and Rita expressed some difficulties with certain aspects of the operating system.
Windows 8 screen
Being brand new users of Windows 8 - and the required learning curve needed to understand the new operating system - I offered some tips that could help them become more quickly familiar with it.  That got their juices going and, one hour later, they had received a decent (if I dare say so myself) lesson on the user interface.  Now they feel quite comfortable with it.....and Rita won't have to throw it out the window, as she jokingly had threatened to do.  I see some happy computing in their future.

While I was sharing computer knowledge, Jeanette, Diane and Ellie were driving around Yuma with the expressed objective to shop.  Well......Hector and I would prefer to do almost anything else over shopping. 
Hector and Diane's rental spot (under shade) in the Yuma Foothills
Hector busied himself with shampooing the carpets in their Class 'A' motorhome while I rode my motorcycle over to my brother's place.  Hence, the reason why the Windows 8 training occurred. 

I was back home by about 2:15 pm, when, only a few minutes later, Jeanette returned from her shopping excursion.  She had all sorts of exciting goodies to show me.  Most items were baby oriented.  It seems she now shops more exclusively for grand kids than for herself.  She found some cute baby stuff at truly good bargain prices.  Hey, I am only stating what I was told!  LOL 

Late Friday afternoon was set aside to 'Face Time' our kids and their kids.  We had our weekly look at Owen's growth since birth - only 21 days old today - and listened to Easton chat us up.  Great fun!  We also got a tour of Deni and Courtney's basement renovations.  They are nearing completion of that complete basement project.  It looks great!
Heading east, over the mountains, towards the town of Welton, AZ.
Heading east on Saturday were Hector and I.  We had a confirmed Tee Time at Coyote Wash Golf Course, in Welton - 15 minutes from Yuma.
A scene similar to many one could find at any lake..... But, this is on a golf course.
While waiting on the group ahead to Tee off, I was looking at this scene and it so looked like a typical dock with chairs at any lake in North America...except that this setting was on a man-made lake on a desert golf course.  Nice!
Everywhere one looks, while on this golf course, there is a mountain view in the background.
That island (with the tree) could have been an interesting and testy green.
We managed to play 18 holes before sunset.  The course was in good shape - especially the Tee boxes and the challenging greens.  We rate this as the best golf course this Yuma and area has to offer. It is far better maintained than most others in the area.
My favourite Par 5 golf hole @ Coyote Wash Golf Course
Late afternoon scene as we were readying to leave the golf course, following 18 holes of fun golf.
This fella took exception to our playing the number 16, Par 3, tee box.  He was aggressive and he would not give it, we played from another tee box.
We drove back home as the sun was setting and darkness fell.  Although a tad windy while on the golf course, a light windbreaker was all we required to be comfortable.  By the end of our round, the wind had abated.
Back at Hector and Diane's - to drop Hector off - we discovered that Jeanette and Diane had co-opted and put together a really nice pasta dinner.  Yeah for that!  There is nothing better than a prepared meal for two hungry golfers....!
Of course, Chico - the lap dog - who had so missed Hector - while we golfed - needed a good petting.  Spoiled or what????
We ate in earnest!  The spaghetti and meat balls - along with with a caesar salad and great desert - was thoroughly enjoyed after a hard day (a truly pleasant one, I might add) on the golf course.  Once we had finished our coffees, we said our bye byes and headed back to our RV site.  Another fun day in the southwest Arizona desert!!!
Super Bowl Sunday.....GO SEATTLE, GO!
Following our normal walk about, this Super Bowl Sunday, we'll check in on the final round of the Waste Management PGA Golf tournament - that is being held at the TPC Scottsdale golf course - followed by closeting ourselves to take in the Super Bowl.  We're betting on the Seattle Seahawks team to win its very first Super Bowl trophy.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looks like another fun day in the southwest desert, love the weather!

  2. I am officially neutral regarding the Super Bowl. I really don't care who wins, and have too many friends from both states.
    When the church treasurer said 'Go Seahawks' at the end of his report this morning I thought there might be a riot though!

  3. Well, the Seahawks won hands down and with power and stamina. What a win!!!!

  4. We don't see sunrises much less pre-sunrises :-)