Friday, January 31, 2014

Martinez Lake & Company For Dinner...

Although a planned 'stay at home' day, Wednesday's chores; to wash and detail the truck, and to clean all the windows on the 5th wheel, were completed much earlier than anticipated.  We found ourselves on the motorcycle, early in the afternoon and - although not originally planned for - we ended up riding to Martinez Lake.
Sport fishers were catching large mouth bass and catfish.
It was a 60 km (37.28 miles) ride under clear blue skies.  With temperatures hovering near the mid-80s, it was a shirt sleeve ride to the lake and back to Yuma.

Awesome blue skies....over calm waters.
Our ride north on I-95 took us to the north side of the Yuma Proving Grounds before turning west towards Martinez Lake.  On our way west, there was plenty of activity on the armed forces Proving Grounds.  We saw planes on the tarmac and tanks practicing maneuvers in the desert.  Although we did not get a photo, we saw an interesting quad that was painted in desert colours and sporting a serious gun, easily controlled by the rider. 
Under a (motorcycle only) covered parking area at the pub and restaurant - Martinez Lake
When we rode into the motorcycle parking area, several motorcyclists were leaving.  With them departing, and for us readying to park, several other riders rolled in behind us.  We met a good group of like minded guys who's idea to ride to Martinez Lake emulated ours.  We shared several minutes of fun chat and laughs with the promise to call each other for a future ride.

Carl, from Dryden, Ontario, is sharing some laughs and banter about his new ride...
Jeanette and I spent about 30 minutes walking around the beach and boat dock area before we mounted up and rode back towards Yuma.  Back on I-95 south, we turned east on to the Dome Valley Road. That road took us through a favourite 12 mile country jaunt, through some of this area's most scenic mountain and vegetable farming country.  It's always pleasurable to view the vast vegetable fields and to watch farming in progress.
Riding east on the Dome Valley Road - east from I-95
There is no shortage of activity in the Dome Valley.  Farmers are constantly turning harvested fields back to summer-fallow before replanting new crops.  These rich fields produce vegetable crops that keep North Americans fed during the winter months.  I always see many Canadian reefer (refrigerated) trucks down here that haul vegetables back home.
Common view in the Dome Valley.
It is not only the Dome Valley that produces crops.  The entire area surrounding Yuma is used for crop production. Grape and fruit trees abound too.  Many farmers turn to seeding cotton, wheat, alfalfa and other crops in the late spring, summer and early fall. 
Back on I-8, heading west from the Dome Valley towards Yuma.
I-8 is carved out of this small mountain range and, once over, one enters a huge valley floor dotted with the City of Yuma, the Yuma Foothills, and other small cities and town that are surrounded by farms.
By 4:00 pm Wednesday, we were back at our RV site, in the Yuma Foothills, enjoying the balance of the afternoon sun.

Following a quick run to the food store for a few items on Thursday morning, we were back at our site where we began our dinner preparations for the dinner invitees.  My brother, his wife, and our friends were coming, mid-afternoon, for a visit and barbecue. 
Jeanette is showing my sister in law, Rita, the metal road runner she purchased while in Algodones, Mexico.
Bernie and Rita arrived before Hector and Diane. We sat outdoors - under a cloudy sky - away from a breezy and  warm wind.  The temperature rose well above the 80's.  The warm, Santa Anna, southwest winds were not a distraction on the starboard side of our fiver.
The comic that he is, my brother was quickly into joke telling and we were laughing within minutes of his arrival.
Once Hector and Diane arrived, with their dog Chico, the joke telling accelerated.  Well.....we sure enjoyed some good laughs.  By 5:00 pm, the chicken breasts were on the Weber Q and the rest of the food stuff was being placed on our outdoor table.
Chico, Hector and Diane's Portuguese Water dog was keeping an eye on Jeanette and I.  He knows that there are some favoured treats for him whenever he visits.  He was well spoiled too.  We have not ever met a dog with such a great disposition.  And does he listen to his master?  You bet!!!!
Chico so loves to be in the mix of human interaction.  Without bothering Jeanette, he gets closely involved with the group.  He is truly a gentle fella.
Once the chicken breasts were ready, everyone filled their plates and we enjoyed a nice, southern Arizona meal in the great outdoors.
By 7:30 pm, our company was gone and, once our dishes were cleaned and stored, we enjoyed a quiet evening with some internet browsing and a few good television programs.  Fun, fun, fun!
Photo of Owen (16 days old) taken on the 29th of January - only two days ago.  "Cute jeans, little fella."  He is resting on a beautiful blanket that our Aunt Kay knitted for him shortly before her passing this past summer.
Today, we plan to contact Deni/Courtney, in Edmonton, Alberta, to line up a 'FaceTime' with them and Owen and also to contact Ginette/Trevor, in Langley, BC, to line up a 'FaceTime' with them and Easton.  That is clearly to look forward to.
Easton @ 21 months (taken this past Christmas)

So, all is well in Yuma country.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Love the area around Yuma, with all the crops at this time of year.
    Dinner looks awesome too!

  2. Love Owen's jeans - wow, the little guys grow up so fast. He's looking terrific and so is Easton.

    Glad to see you're keeping busy in Yuma but then again I knew you would.

    Chico is sure one great looking dog.

  3. What a great day...I love touring the Yuma area! Great to see the kids doing well.

  4. Glad you guys are having a great time and Owen is another beautiful addition to the family. Safe travels.