Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Well Set Up in Yuma...

Yesterday was our travel day from Moabi Regional Park, CA to Yuma, AZ.  We left the Pirate Cove RV Resort - along the Colorado River - at 9:30 am.   One half hour later, we stopped in Lake Havasu to re-provision our groceries for our stay through to mid-April.
Float plane tethered to a float on the Colorado River.
Our decision to spend the extra day by the Colorado River, before heading south to Yuma, proved fruitful.  We did get to take the hike we wanted to do. In fact, we did two hikes; one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The weather was about as perfect as one could expect.
We did not climb into this area....but walked along side of it.
We did not see another human soul during this hike.  Although the area has become popular with off road quading and dirt biking, it was a treat to have the entire place to ourselves....or so it seemed.  Even the wild burrows were in hiding.
It felt good to be out in the sunshine, in walking shorts, and without the need of a jacket.
Back at our RV - and following some lunch - we straightened out a few things, checked the tire pressures, but the draw to walk along the river lured us away from other chores that could wait till later......much later!  Oh.....did I mention the near perfect temperatures?  The weather is fantastic.  It is neither too warm nor too cool.  No complaints!  We are thrilled to be back in the US southwest.
I was impressed that, after sitting idle for 30 days, the Good Year RV tires and the Michelin truck tires did not require any topping up with air.  Great!!!!
I installed the Tire Pressure Monitoring system and it worked well all the way to Yuma.  From inside the cab of our truck, we can monitor the pressure in all 10 tires.

I did not get to launch our Sea Eagle kayak.....but watching this fella row by sure got my juices going....!
After lunch, we chose to take another hike - albeit a shorter one.  This one took us along the Colorado River.
Thirty minutes into our walk, we came upon this sitting area along the river. 
Jeanette chose to check out the river's edge.
Other than two kayakers, the only other activity was this amphibious airplane that landed and made its way to the boat launch at Pirates Cove before beaching on the sand.  The pilot and his passenger enjoyed lunch at the Pirates Cove river side restaurant and pub.
Leaving the restaurant and readying to take off....
Our grocery shopping spree in Lake Havasu took the better part of one hour.  Once our groceries were stowed, we drove south on I-95, through Parker, and into Quartzite. There was evidence of busyness.... with thousands of RVs dotting the sand and even more RVers driving and walking everywhere.
Crazy, busy place Quartzite is at this time of the year.
With no reason to stop in Quartzite, we rolled through.  We really didn't need anything.  Our previous experience (having motorcycled here, for one day, each of the past two years), was more than sufficient to convince us that - although there can be some deals - it would have to be a BIG ticket item for us to brave the crowds.  I am not a fan of crowded places.  Give us an open road, a quiet walk, or a nice golf course, over a large crowd, any day.  I will say this though; this place draws an eclectic mix of folks. A couple of years back, Jeanette and I bought two chairs - for a really good price - only to find the same chairs selling for a few buck less at an RV store in Yuma a few days later. 

We did purchase our Tire Pressure monitoring system in Quartzite....but that was because our good friends were attending the show and purchased our system at the same time they purchased theirs.  That's my kind of shopping!!!!

By 3:00 pm, we had arrived at our RV spot in the Yuma Foothills.  Before backing in, we rolled the motorcycle off the swivel wheel.  Our set up - including the satellite dish -was completed within 60 minutes. We're well set up for these next three weeks.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Glad your drive to Yuma was uneventful and were able to breeze right through the Q madhouse.

    It must have felt great to get out into the dry desert for a hike after the often wet and damp weather back home.

    Enjoyed all the photos!

  2. We in Quartzsite avoiding the crowds as much as possible, We can walk to most places and know when to avoid the crowds and traffic.
    You are some deals to be had , but usually better prices in Yuma on a lot of things.
    Enjoy Yuma.

  3. Glad to see you're back in the 'Land of the Living It UP' The weather's been great, and we hope you start enjoying what Yuma has to offer.

  4. I love the Yuma area, and will be back one day! Enjoy!