Friday, January 3, 2014

Kinda Routine...

We sure do not have a lot to report from home, here in Langley, BC,  these past few days.  It has been kind of routine around here.

Yesterday was a planned outdoor day to remove the Christmas lights and decorations but that quickly dissipated with the endless rains that ran the gamut of the entire day.  I'll get to accomplish those tasks today.  The weather prognosticators have forecast sunshine.

Apple TV
Our Apple TV system has been well exercised these past few days.  With little of interest to watch on satellite TV - with so many re-runs and other boring programming - the Apple TV gives us the freedom to choose programs and movies we wish to watch, when it suits us.  The growth of Netflix alone goes a long way to prove that mainstream TV is losing its luster.

Jeanette has been busy exercising her serger and sewing machine to complete some baby related projects.  She's been spending a lot of time in her sewing cave.

Although we sure miss being in the southern US sun and heat, our time to return is only a couple of weeks away.  We look forward to retrieving our truck and 5th wheel when we fly back to Las Vegas this January 19th. 

Still no word from Deni and Courtney on the expected birth of their first child (our 2nd grand child).  But.....we are at the ready to head up to Edmonton, Alberta, once we get word of the new birth.  It should be any day now......!

That's a big rock to push....
Easton had another sleep over at our home, this past New Years night.  His folks opened their home to host a New Year's eve party with friends and we offered to host our little fella.  He slept 12 hours straight.  That was clearly a better sleep than he could have gotten at home with a party in full swing.
Gotta brush those teeth well.....
Following a fun bath, his Nana gave him a good brushing of the teeth..... before bed time. It has been nice to be back here and to spend that quality time with our little man.  

So....with not a lot more to report from here, we'll sign off. 

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. I think life is exciting now matter how we live it, soon you be back down here.

  2. Easton gets more cute everyday, hope to hear the good news about grand baby #2 very soon! Glad you are feeling better.

  3. time well spent with your handsome grandson!..hopefully the new baby will arrive soon!!!

  4. Pretty exciting time waiting for the birth of a new grandchild. I think I mixed things up as I thought that Ginette was due first.

    Glad to see Grandma giving Easton a lesson on brushing his teeth. He sure is a good natured little guy.

    We love our Apple TV and spend a lot of evenings watching movies from Netflix or iTunes.

    Seeing you mention the rain reminds us of why we're down here in the desert!

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better! We did something this year we've never done before--Michael got in such a hurry to leave my Christmas tree is still sitting in the living room!!!