Monday, January 13, 2014

New Grandson Born During The Night.....

This blog is all about Owen, our newborn 2nd grandchild.

Well, although a bit shy about joining the outside world, Owen James Genereux was coaxed to leave the comfort of his mom's womb and join the living world at 2:30 am this morning.  The little fella weighed in at 7 lbs and 20 inches in length.  He, his mom and his dad are all well.
Owen James Genereux - only a few hours after birth - photo taken during our "Face Time" session with them.
Courtney and Deni had chosen to have their baby born in a birthing centre.  Once the baby and mom were deemed to be OK, they left the centre and were home by 7:30 this morning.  That is a quick turnaround.
Very first car ride back home, only hours after his birth.
Owen was clearly quite comfortable in his mom's womb because he delayed his entry into the world by 10 days or so.  Now that he's here, he seems to have quickly adjusted.

The little family sure seem accustomed to being new parents.....
 During our 'Face Time', he was quite comfortable on his mom and didn't mind our conversation.  Deni and Courtney will spend the best part of today trying to catch up on much needed sleep and adjusting to having a new baby in their home.  Owen has some adjusting to do to....but he sure seems to be adapting well.

Sneaking a peek at his Nana and Grand Papa.....
So, it's thrilling to have met our little fella - albeit by computer 'Face Time' - but what a thrill to have the technology to do just that.  Our iPad will be heating up, in the days ahead....with so many planned 'Face Time' chats with our newest grandson and his folks.

With some severe winter storms rolling over the Rocky Mountains, the planned drive to visit with them in Edmonton is on hold.  With Owen's delayed arrival into the world, our travel window has been seriously shortened.  As new parents, Deni and Courtney need some alone time with their new baby.  There is a period of adjustment - and rest - that they badly need.  

Because our return flight to the US southwest is for very early Sunday morning, our turn around time to drive out for a visit would be limiting...or nearly impossible. A snowstorm in the Rocky Mountains could delay our return.  To fly there and back would only give us one day, or two days at best, for a visit.  We collectively felt it best to wait for their visit to the Palm Springs area, this March, to enjoy our first family visit.  
Now Easton has a little cousin to play with.....when the time is right!
Jeanette will have the opportunity to visit with Deni, Courtney and Owen when they fly out to the coast, near the time when our daughter, Ginette delivers her baby girl; this mid-February.  Jeanette will fly back home, from the US southwest, near the time Ginette is expected to deliver. She'll return to the desert once Ginette, Trevor and Easton are well adjusted to their new baby at home.

Another little sneak peek at his new grandparents during our 'Face Time'.
We are thrilled that the birth went well; that mom, dad and baby are back home; and that they now have the time - and pleasure - to get acquainted with each other.  What a gift! 

We now have a 3rd grand child to look forward to.  With two grand sons, a new grand daughter is an exciting thought.  So we look forward to that in the next month.  Our family dynamics are truly changing early on in 2014.  What a treat!!!

The telephone and Text Messaging has been consuming our time....but what a fun way to burn time!  We were 'Face Timing' Jeanette's mom when her telephone rang and it was our son calling his grandmother to announce the birth of her newest great grandchild.  This is the look on her face (photo below) when she learned of the news from Deni.
Mary is one very, very happy great grandmother!!!!!
That pretty well sums up the major activity in our lives.  Its great!  But with our very early morning wake up call, announcing Owens' birth, Jeanette and I weren't able to easily return to sleep....and, as a result, we are also feeling tired....but elated!  So....once the phone calls, text messages and emails slow down, we'll rest up as best we can.  What a great day!

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  1. Well now. Congratulations! Pretty neat that you can find out right away, and see pictures.

  2. Congrats to Deni and Courtney and the grandparents as well. Let the spoiling begin!

  3. Congratulations to them. Too bad you won't have time to make it to Edmonton, but at least you'll see them all soon.

  4. Congratulations to everyone! Like John says, let the spoiling begin!

  5. Congrats to the Grandparents! And, of course, to the new Mom and Dad and a big welcome to Owen James!

    What a great welcome phone call to get in the middle of the night - I'm betting you didn't mind a bit.

    Isn't Facetime etc. just magical?

  6. Congratulations!! Too bad you guys won't get to see him right away but March will be something to look forward to.