Sunday, January 26, 2014

Routine Fun...

The past couple of days have included some walking, some polishing, some laughing and some golfing.  Nothing to complain about while in this Yuma country.

Friday saw the unusual clouds keep the sun away for the entire day.  Highs reached the low 70's.  We chose to take a long morning walk around the Foothills area.  We believe that there are fewer RVs in this area than in years previous.   There are numerous RV rental spots available.
Locking up to go for a long walk.
This the private area where our RV is parked.  Very nice.  When you need shade, it's here.  When you seek sun, it's here too.
This is a typical yard in the Yuma Foothills.  There is a cassita, full hook ups for an RV and each yard is walled by this type of brick.  It is an appealing area; certainly to us.
Our second walk of the day had us walk in a deep wash along one of the two local golf courses in the Foothills area.   Jeanette and I found four golf balls in the wash.

With the sun hiding behind clouds, it was a good opportunity to detail and wax the Nomad.  It sure brightened it up.
Yesterday, Hector and I were at the Coyote Wash Golf Course in Welton - 15 minutes east from Yuma.  Although I had our iPad in the truck, it was left there so the golf course photos are from last year....but, the course hasn't changed.  In fact, it is greener than in years past.

Jeanette and Diane were off to do a bit of shopping and they took Chico (the Portuguese Water dog) for a long swim in the Colorado River. 

Nice golf course layout
I am always impressed by the human sculpting to create lakes on desert golf courses.
Hector and I had a most enjoyable golf round.  We were not paired with another twosome.  With a foursome ahead and behind us, we each drove our golf balls off the tee and followed every shot after with two golf balls each - including 2 putting on the greens.  By doubling our golf strokes, we kept pace with the foursomes but more or less played 36 holes over the 18.  We certainly got our exercise from swinging the clubs so often.   The temperature reached into the low 80's during our golf round.
Fun place....!  And more golf will be in our plans in the weeks ahead.
The Japanese/American lady we rent our RV spot from has invited us to a party this late afternoon.  It is a pot luck dinner to include some 20 invitees.  We've accepted to join in.  Jeanette already has a plan for her food contribution.  Before that, a motorcycle ride could well take us to the nice roads around some of the agricultural areas near here.  We'll see!

We 'Face Timed' Deni/Courtney and baby Owen last evening.  What a treat to see our new little man resting and content.  At 13 days old, he is proving to be a very good baby.

Before chatting with our Edmonton kids, we 'Face Timed' Ginette/Trevor and Easton.  Our little fella tried to share some treats with us through the iPad.  Quite funny, really!  

So.....caught up with our kids, we enjoyed a short happy hour with Hector and Diane before returning home to our fiver and settling in for some computer and TV time before calling it a day.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Gotta love Face Time for visiting with the grandkids. Our little guy tries really hard to reach through the screen to try and touch us!

    That is a nice spot you have in the Foothills. It's interesting that you say RV numbers may be down a bit as they are certainly lower here too.

    No one seems to know exactly why though.

  2. We love the facetime too.
    Nice that you are back in the sunny south.