Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fort Yuma, Algodones, Mexico....& more...

Great weather is a magnet to get out and about... and a few days back we went in search of discovering Fort Yuma.  Other than the church below, the rest of the old Fort area is not maintained.  The history of the Fort is interesting though.
Old Methodist church in Fort Yuma
From Wikipedia:
Fort Yuma is a fort in California that is located in Imperial County, across the Colorado River from Yuma, Arizona. It was on the Butterfield Overland Mail route from 1858 until 1861 and was abandoned May 16, 1883, and transferred to the Department of the Interior. The Fort Yuma Indian School and the Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission now occupy the site. It is one of the "associated sites" listed as Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites on the National Register of Historic Places in the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area.[2] In addition, it is registered as California Historical Landmark

What does dot the area now are vegetable farms, a large casino and an RV site on dirt next to the casino.
The casino
The RV park on dirt (with no services) next to the casino
This area is next to Winterhaven, a tiny little town just west of the old Fort Yuma area.  Just a few miles north from here is the Imperial Date farm.  It is a desirable place to enjoy a rich date shake....and because we were so close, we were drawn there like a magnet.  Those date shakes are well worth the ride.
The Imperial Date Farm
Back in the Yuma area, we rode to the Colorado River's edge, near the Hilton Hotel, where the locomotive below draws tourists to view the placards that reveal the history of river transport of old, railway transportation and more historical data.  It is a worthwhile place to visit.
Checking out the huge locomotive
No need to delve into the history on Yuma in the blog but for those of you who plan to travel through here, a visit to the locomotive (just off the downtown core)  will provide you with detailed historical data that is most interesting.

 We joined Hector and Diane to visit Algodones, Mexico, for the day, Monday.  We did not require any services (dental, optical or medical drugs) but we sure do enjoy  immersing ourselves in the ambiance of good food, Mexican music and just plain good fun.  We did that with gusto.
The locals selling their wares.
Negotiating prices for goods
Really good food along with really good music
Some coolant required to edge off the high heat of the day.
Jeanette did have one mission though.  She was looking for a metal road runner object and be darned if she did not find what she was looking for in Algodones.  And she was happy with the bargain price negotiated.

About 50 minutes in the border line up to re-enter the US and we were back at the car and our short drive back to the Yuma Foothills.
.....and we managed to avoid having to deal with the local policia.
Because of the CFL Grey Cup win, the Saskatchewan Roughriders clothing was a popular item displayed everywhere in Algodones.
Nice evening sunset
 Oh...yes....we also purchased 3 lbs of shrimp while in Algodones.  We seem to do that every year and it never dissapoints. Jeanette cleaned and froze all but 12 of the large shrimp that we held back for our dinner.
Really good shrimp was enjoyed for dinner.
Yesterday was a planned golf game at Las Barrancas Golf Course in the Yuma Foothills.
Las Barrancas is a very nice 18 hole layout for golf but, it seems to lack the maintenance required to stand out as a truly great course.  That said, Yuma is not known as a golf destination and the other courses were all booked up.  We chose to play here.  The most challenging greens are in great shape and they test one's putting prowess.
The beautiful mountains add to the enjoyment of playing this golf course.
Hector and I joined a couple of like minded golfers who call the Province of Saskatchewan home.  It was fun playing with them and we did get to share several laughs during our 4+ hours together.
Great golfing weather.
Diane and Hector invited us and another couple to join them for dinner.  And who could say no to a good feed of wild west coast salmon that Hector and Diane caught this past summer.  It was a great meal and we enjoyed sharing the meal with Elie and Bruce, who call their Kelowna, BC, area home, their summer place.
L-R  Elie, Bruce, Diane (Hector, Jeanette and I are already seated)
Hector and Diane spend a fair bit of their summer - on Vancouver Island, BC - fishing off shore.  When they roll down here, to the US southwest for their winter getaway, they always have a freezer full of frozen salmon stored in one of the slider basement bays of their Class 'A' motor home.  They also can a fair bit of salmon and we get to enjoy that.!
Today is a planned 'stay at home day' - other than a nice walk in the area.....and, perhaps, a motorcycle ride too.  We have some reading to catch up on and I have a few planned chores to complete.  It's also nice to sit out and take in the beautiful weather we've been graced with here in Yuma country.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Always fun to tour about with this awesome weather and enjoy Algodones , food, fun, music and bargains.
    And just to hang out relaxing with a good book in the shade.
    Have too much fun.

  2. Another busy few days for you guys.

    We still have not been to Algodones ever but it was on our possible list this year. That plan seems to be slipping away for another year.

    Thanks for posting some of the history of the area as I always enjoy reading that.

  3. Ah! Camerones de Mexico one day and BC salmon the next! Perfect!