Saturday, February 8, 2014

Update from Yuma...

The past few days have delivered some nice south west Arizona weather - with little wind and plenty of sunshine.  The mid-70 temperatures are great for the  outdoor activities we so enjoy.  The forecast is for mid-80's weather in the days ahead.  
The clouds did gather, the other day, and we heard a few rain drops on the fiver....but that's about all the moisture we've experienced here.
Hector and I did get to play two more rounds of golf - since our last blog - and it appears that will be it till Jeanette and I roll into the Palm Springs area.  We leave here for Desert Hot Springs on Tuesday of next week. 
We'll get one, or maybe two more rides in before we load the Nomad onto its swivel wheel for the trek to Desert Hot Springs.  We enjoy the many roads and scenery in this Yuma area.
Our little man, Owen, is approaching his 1 month birthday soon.
From Edmonton, Alberta, Courtney sent us some very recent photos and little Owen is thriving and growing quickly.  He is a content little fella but, we are told, he is not shy to inform his folks when he needs some attention.  Sounds like a typical baby to us.  

Ginette sent this recent photo of Easton enjoying a day out at a local farm.
On the west coast of BC, Easton likely doesn't realize it yet, but he is soon to be joined by a baby sister.  Ginette is due to deliver their 2nd child (a baby girl) in the days ahead.  

Deni, Courtney and Owen are flying from Edmonton to Vancouver, next weekend, and we have flights to get home from Palm Springs too.  Jeanette is booked to fly out on Thursday, the 13th of February and I am working on booking a flight too. I plan to be away for 6-7 days and Jeanette will return in late February. All kinds of fun excitement in our lives, eh?

UPDATE:  Since posting this blog, I did book my flights from Palm Springs to Bellingham, WA / return.  I will get to fly home for a seven day family visit with our kids and grand-kids....and hopefully get to meet our new grand daughter; soon to be born.  Yea for that!  I am thrilled!  

Diane and Chico (Portuguese Water dog) at our place waiting for Hector and I to return from one of our golf rounds.
While Hector and I were swinging golf clubs, Diane and Jeanette were busy too.  They drove into Algodones, Mexico, for some shopping and also managed to get to the large Yuma Palms shopping center a few times too.

Following our golf round, this Thursday past, I helped Hector out with one computer issue he was facing and, within 30 minutes, I had managed to bring solution to the problem.  I left there and drove to my brother's place to solve his more serious computer issue.  His new lap top (with Windows 8 operating system) had quit working.  He could not access Internet Explorer.  It simply would not open.  Although the fix did take over an hour to solve, I managed to extricate some crappy software that had loaded itself onto the hard drive while Bernie was downloading a simple card game.  I cleaned things up and their lap top computer is running speedy fast, and with all systems working, once again. 

We were invited for dinner at Bernie and Rita's place last night.  Hector/Diane, Jeanette/Me, drove out to my brother's place in mid-afternoon.  We were joined by other friends of theirs and enjoyed several hours of banter and laughs before enjoying a lovely meal under cover from the late afternoon sun.  It was an enjoyable outing and dinner.  Thanks!
We will bet to see Bernie and Rita again before we leave for the Palm Springs, California, area next week.

We keep in touch with Deni/Courtney and Owen and with Ginette/Trevor and Easton.  Although the 'Face Time' option with our iPads is not great, from here in Yuma, Skype works quite well.  We did Skype our BC family the other day and likely will do the same with our Edmonton, Alberta, family today or tomorrow.

That covers things from here.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Nice that you are enjoying the Yuma area, so nice there.
    We will be in Desert Hot Springs next thursday, hopefully we can meet up with you.

  2. You are two very busy people! Enjoy!

  3. You are two very busy people! Enjoy!

  4. George,
    Jeanette flies back home to BC on Thursday and I fly out on Saturday but we will do our level best to ge together. Get in touch via email ornthe blog.

  5. You guys are like Gina and Rollie--you have gone from having no grandchildren to three in just a short time--congratulations!!

  6. Thanks Janna. Interesting and fun times for sure!

  7. Great pic of little Owen on the blanket!

    Pretty exciting times for your family, Rene, all's good.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Jeanette here in Palm Springs once everything settles down for you both.