Sunday, June 22, 2014

All Decked Out...

And here is the evidence!  The Edmonton deck project is completed.  Deni, Courtney and Owen can now enjoy it.
Completed as of 7:00 pm Saturday evening.
When I last wrote, a few days back, a rain delay had scuttled the deck building process.  I took advantage to visit other family members.  One day later, I was back to work and the deck building progressed well.
The finished stage before the rains....
Completed deck floor....
Steps are secured and the posts are ready for carriage bolts.
I completed the deck to this stage, working alone.  Back from work on Friday afternoon, Deni helped me complete some more complex steps before we called it a day.
Owen donned a cool little tool belt style T-shirt and joined us on the deck project. He dropped by often to inspect our progress.
Saturday was a full day spent with Deni and me securing the deck rail posts with carriage bolts, framing the hand rails, cutting and installing all railing boards and, once our work on the deck was completed, putting the tools away and cleaning up.
Our very last task was to lift the barbecue onto the deck and.....while enjoying a well earned libation....some mighty fine steaks were on the grill to re-fuel tired bodies.
A lovely dinner was enjoyed on the concrete patio below....enjoying a truly beautiful Alberta summer evening.  It was the longest day of the year.  Sun up was for 5:15 am with sundown approaching 10:30 pm. It was past 10:30 pm when we moved back indoors.
Today (Sunday) 
I plan to help Deni install doors in their newly renovated basement.  Once done with that, I am planning a visit with other family members and, following a good night's sleep, I will make the drive back to Langley, BC, leaving bright and early on Monday morning.

Deni calculated that, without my help, his deck project would have required four full weekends to complete.  Now that it is built - and that their inside home renovation project nears completion too - they will have more free time to enjoy a summer of travel, visitors and more.  I was happy to help out.

And the bonus?  I got to spend some quality time with our favourite little Alberta grandson, Owen.
We shared some fun times - from early morning, till he went to sleep for the night. This is one happy little fella!
It was also nice to get a quality visit in with Deni and Courtney and to enjoy a few outdoor Alberta late spring/early summer days.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Another extra cute grandson, I see. You guys did well on the decking, it looks great.

  2. Wow, you guys did a great job on the deck, looked like a great project and a fun visit too!

  3. What a nice job you completed and had fun as well.

  4. Love that happy smile Owen always has - nothing like a baby's smile to make one's day - especially a Grandpa's!!

    Great looking deck - and, built so fast too. Nice professional job!