Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sort Of Routine...

Since my return from the neighbouring Province of Alberta, the pattern of daily life has been fairly routine.  

I got caught up on some much needed paper work and the intermittent rains, these past several days, have helped me focus on that.  Other than attending a memorial for a coffee friend, we have focused most of our time on home based stuff.  
An evening motorcycle ride in the north Langley Township countryside.
One evening presented clear skies with dry roads.  That got us on the motorcycle.  A couple of hours were enjoyed plying the local back roads.
The first of several hay crops have been cut, baled and hauled away.
We did spend a fair bit of time either entertaining our BC based grand kids at our home or going over to their home in Langley city.  
Great countryside roads to ride....
A life long friend of Ginette's - a school teacher - spent a half day visiting with us when she dropped in with Ginette, Easton and Brie.  We have known Nicole since birth.  A terrific young woman she is. 
When he comes to our home, Easton loves to scout around our back yard garden and pick all the fresh strawberries.  We have two varieties that continually produce fruit.  Strawberries are like candy to him.
Easton is showing Brie and I the result of picking from just one strawberry plant.
A stroll around the pond is a favourite activity too.....
Nana involves the two grand kids to water specific plants that may not benefit from the in-ground sprinkler system. Although the strawberries are well watered, Easton has to add more water so that he can harvest the new crop  the next time he is over for a visit.
Jeanette fills this tub and Easton uses a watering can to walk around the strawberry patch.
Every so often, Jeanette stands the kids at the growth chart to record their heights.  Brie is being measured here.
Our regular Friday golf game was called off due to rain. The forecast from now on though is for some warm and sunny summer weather - the kind of weather we absolutely love here on the west coast.  Bring it on!  Summer has arrived on the west coast.

That's it from here for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Gotta love this summer weather we are having, enjoy every minute of it.

  2. We'll be glad when the temperatures evens out to a more comfortable level.
    Always nice visiting with the Grands.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. The sun is shining to day and it's pretty warm, sure hope it stays that way for a while now.

    It's always fun to see your pic's of the grandkids on their visits.

    Jeanette's growth chart is going to be getting a real workout now!