Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Canada Day Well Celebrated...

Canada Day, here on the west coast of British Columbia, was record setting, temperature wise.  It was a stunningly beautiful (and hot) day.
Our Maple Leaf Flag....
Our Canada Day began with a nice visit.  Brie, Easton and Ginette dropped by our home and Jeanette had just finished baking some delicious muffins. Trevor was busy with some home and business related chores.
Enjoyed with some fresh coffee....
Brie wondered what all the fuss was about.....(four months of age)
And Easton wondered what the hold up was with the muffins......
Our Edmonton based little Owen was quick to get his folks to message a photo to us.  He was also enjoying Canada Day festivities.
Dapper little fella.  I especially love the cool cap Owen is sporting. (Approaching the ripe age of 6 months)
We enjoyed a nice visit and after our family left back for home, Jeanette and I cleaned up the house and we readied ourselves to join other friends for a Canada Day outdoor dinner at our friends home in White Rock/South Surrey. 
Denis (red shirt) and Odette (standing behind Denis) were the hosts for the Canada Day outdoor dinner.
This was the early group.  A few others joined in a bit later.  Suffice it to say that we enjoyed a truly wonderful outdoor meal in the company of truly good friends.  Many laughs were shared - as is always the case.
L-R  Mike, Denis, Rick, Me, Linda, Chris & Odette.
Denis took our camera to capture a photo of Jeanette with the group.  A sincere cheers to our lovely Canada.
A walk through the forest with Easton.
A day earlier, Easton's folks were painting the last bit of their home and we offered to take Easton on a bike/hike through the Aldergrove trails.  This area also boasts many great picnic spots.  Jeanette packed a good lunch and we headed off on the trails.  Easton rode his little bike.
Easton and Nana explored all types of foliage....!
A curious little fella, Easton enjoyed seeing some small fish in the stream, checking out some large leaves, seeing some huge west coast cedars and listening to the numerous birds singing in the forest.

A picnic is always a treat and we thoroughly enjoyed it in the great outdoors.
We delivered Easton back to his home and with the painting all done, we visited for a couple of hours before heading back to our home.  
Brie @ four months of age is keen on standing up. 
One weekend evening, Trevor (Easton's dad) set up the tent on their back lawn and Easton was so enamoured with it that both father and son ended up camping out.  That was a fun thing to do.  Easton was quite thrilled to tell us about his back yard camp-out. 
Fun time sleeping in the tent.

Mount Baker (Washington State) in all its glory - seen from our home yesterday.
We have featured Mount Baker in previous posts but when the sky is blue and the mountain stands magically out on the eastern horizon, we always take a photo.  It is a majestic mountain that often draws our interest to motorcycle to.  It also boasts a well regarded winter skiing facility.

So that was how we spent our Canada Day - and the associated long weekend.  We avoided the long weekend crush of tourist traffic by staying close to home.  That in itself was a blessing. 
 Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Sound like great family time and Canada Day celebrations.

  2. Happy belated Canada Day, sure looks like you enjoyed yourselves!

  3. A great way to spend Canada Day.

    Your grandkids sure are keeping you busy and entertained - that's great and it'll be terrific memories for them as well as they grow up.