Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Smoked and Rained Out...

What was to become a five day, southern BC motorcycle ride turned into a two day ride to Osoyoos and back home.  We left home on Monday morning.
Leaving home, Monday morning, to join five other motorcyclists in Abbotsford, BC.
Checking out the weather before hand, it looked like we would be OK for our five day, southern BC motorcycle ride.  That was not to be though.
Fueled up and taking a break in Princeton, BC.
The weather, going over the Allison Pass, eastbound on Highway 3, was very nice and sunny.  In Princeton, the temperatures were typical of summer in the southern interior; hot and dry.  We continued our journey east towards Keremeos and our first overnight in Osoyoos.

Very hot here!  Some early signs of smoke from the forest fires in central BC and major forest fires in Washington State. 
Our arrival in Keremeos was where we saw the first signs of smoke from major forest fires.  The majority of the smoke was working its way up from the fierce fires in the Okonogan area of Washington State.  It still was not too bad.  We pressed in into Osoyoos.

Enjoying an early evening chat outdoors.
We found a nice dinner spot where some decent food was enjoyed while we looked over Osoyoos Lake.  Back at our motel, we sat outdoors and contemplated where our two wheels would take us the next morning.  Checking iPad and iPhone weather services, it appeared we would be OK heading further east and into the west Kootenays.  The heavy smoke from nearby Washington State was working its way north and into our area though.  Hmmmmm!
Heading back home - a brief rest stop at the Manning Park Resort.
When we awoke on Tuesday morning, a look outdoors was telling us that the winds were gusting north and bringing in some heavy blue smoke from the Washington State fires.  The air was much thicker.  What to do?  One rider called a friend in a town further east from us and we learned that the smoke was even worse and the rains were active. 
The sun peaking through heavy smoke from forest fires.
Not able to head south over the 49th parallel and into Washington State; not able to head east due to rain and smoke; not able to head north due to forest fires just north of Osoyoos, led to our decision to head back west where there was no rain and no smoke.  That meant heading back for the west coast and home.  

It was a good ride back.  We rode 700 KM, on our two day ride, and although our trip was cut short, we all felt right by our decision.  We can get together again, for a longer ride, anytime in the near future when the weather cooperates and forest fires abate.
Courtney and Owen dropped by for a brief visit.
Tuesday morning, Courtney dropped by our home before she and Owen were to catch their flight  back home.  I was away but Jeanette got to spend some nice time with them. Owen enjoyed some time playing around in our sun room.
"Hey.....this is fun....."
Our little Edmonton grand son enjoyed playing around and he was his usual happy self. We will get to spend some quality time with him, his folks (Deni/Courtney), Ginette, Trevor, Brie and Easton when we get together again, as a family, this August long weekend.  We are looking forward to that.
Hanging out with Easton and Brie at their home.
Jeanette dropped over to a friend's home to pick some plums.  And pick she did!  Two boxes of plums are to become some fine jelly/jam today (Wednesday).  Jeanette is busy working on that project as I write this blog.  
Jeanette's plum jelly project about to start.
We are living with two days of much needed rains - today and tomorrow (Wednesday/Thursday) - and that means I can spend some of that time staining some pergola pieces in the garage.  Although time consuming (especially staining lattice sheets) I don't mind garage based projects when it is raining outdoors.  We especially need the rains to quell the numerous forest fires that are battering residents in nearby Washington State and many, many locations in British Columbia.

And that colours our little world from here.  

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. We are a day behind you with the rain. As unpleasant as it is, we need it. We are hoping it dies down before our Saturday patio party with friends. It is too bad your bike trip got shortened by the smoke and threat of rain.

  2. Looks like a good decision to turn back. can always go another time. Looks like you have other projects on the go anyway.

  3. oH yes the smoke from the fires. It always amazes me how far it can travel. We had quite the lightening storm last night. I hope it didn't start anymore fires.

    Your Grands are so cute. It is so fun to watch them grow so fast.

    You know we have more then enough room for you two as you travel right by us on your way to Edmonton. Just saying lol.

    Take care you two.

  4. Like Brenda, I am always amazed at how far the smoke can travel. We were "smoked in" for a couple days but none lately.

  5. It's a smart thing you did heading back. It poured here Wednesday and Thursday, and Tuesday was very smoky. The various fires should be knocked down a bit though, which will help.

  6. I can't imagine riding a bike through all that smoke even without the rain - a good decision to cut the trip short.

    Owen is sure growing fast. He sure is a good looking little guy!

  7. Too bad you had to shorten up your trip...good reasons though...