Saturday, July 5, 2014

All Over The Place...

The title for this blog paints a fairly clear picture of life in RVVoyageur land.  Jeanette is in Edmonton with daughter Ginette and grand daughter  Brie.  I am holding down the fort here on the coast.  So.....we are all over the place!

Siblings:  Ginette and Deni with their respective babies, Brie (L) and Owen (R) in Edmonton, Alberta.
Ginette, a Kinesiologist, is in Edmonton to teach a course, and her mom  Jeanette  went along to assist with taking care of Brie and to take advantage of the opportunity to visit with her mom who lives in a long term care facility outside of Edmonton. While in Edmonton, they are staying with our son, Deni, his wife Courtney and their baby Owen.  It makes for a very nice family visit.

Jeanette's mom has not met Brie yet but that will happen today.  Ginette has Saturday off so they will make the 90 minute drive to where Brie's great grandmother resides. Exciting day for all.
Sisters in law - Ginette and Courtney - sharing some special time with their respective babies.
Jeanette, Ginette and Brie flew to Edmonton this past Wednesday evening.  Their return flight is for Monday evening.  

I am holding down the fort here in south Langley.  Other than continuing with some back yard works, I spent most of yesterday with our oldest grand child, Easton.  His dad was busy at work and I relieved Easton from his paternal grandmother, who had to deal with her own mother's agenda.   I planned a fun day out with Easton.
First time on a putting green.
We started our morning with some golf fun.  Although only two years old, I was curious to see how Easton would respond to a little bit of golf time.  After picking him up at his house, gathering his golf set and driving to the Langley Golf Centre, we started with a quick putting lesson.  Although interested, I had to chuckle when Easton got more focused on watching the golf course machinery at work.  Lawnmowers were far more appealing than trying to putt a little white ball in a cup.  That said, Easton actually did OK with the putter.  After all, this was his very first time on a golf green.  The objective is that this activity has to be fun. 

Trying to figure out the grip on the putter.
We moved from the putting green to the driving range and that's where I noticed quite a difference in his focus.  He was more interested in hitting the range balls.  We focused on one club - a 7 iron - and he was able to knock the ball between 1-4 yards. Not bad for a first time out.
"This is fun......"
Easton would hit a few balls and then take a seat and watch me hit.   My expectations for Easton were well grounded.  Let's just have some fun....and play till he tired of this activity.  Surprisingly, he wanted to hit more range balls.
Exposing Easton - and the other grandchildren - to the game of golf is simply that.  The grand kids will be exposed to several sports and they will decide which suits their fancy.  I took up golf much later in life and teaching an old dog new tricks is much harder when compared to those who start much earlier in life.  Easton and I had a fun time out.  The little social butterfly that he is got the attention from seasoned golfers who marveled at his people skills.  He asks everyone how their day is going!  

Easton spent the balance of the day with me at our home and once the fun was over - and his dad was back at home - I drove him back.  Trevor and his mom invited me to join them for some sushi.  Dinner was enjoyed with them before I drove back home.

Owen is busy with baby push ups and spending time with his cousin Brie.
Back in Edmonton, Owen and Brie got to spend some quality time together.  Playing on the floor or going for stroller rides seemed to be the order of the day.
Owen @ 6 months of age with Brie @ 4.5 months of age.
Jeanette and the babies shared a lot of special time too.  The Edmonton weather was very, very nice and warm and once back from a stroller ride, the two babies were sound asleep in their respective strollers.
Sound asleep
Courtney with Owen and Brie.  They posed well for the camera.
Back from his office, Deni got his barbecue going and I know that his and Courtney's combined culinary skills led to a fantastic Friday evening dinner at their home.

I have plans to complete more work on our back yard projects but it could be sketchy to accomplish anything today (Saturday).  The weather forecast is calling for intermittent rain for the entire weekend.  Monday - and for the foreseeable future - calls for a return to bright sunny skies with great summertime temperatures we enjoy here.  We'll see. 

Should the rain take over the day, I am enjoying a great novel written by Nicholas Sparks.  I could find myself reading while listening the the patter of rain in our sun room. 

That's about it.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Both sets of Grandparents for our little ones now live in West Kelowna, and I think we'll get them to the range ourselves this summer. Looks like it'll be fun!

  2. Lots of grand baby times for you guys. Easton looked so cute with the golf clubs!

  3. So many great pics of the grandkids so let me just say they're all terrific.

    I loved the pics of Easton on the driving range. You're right too, it has to be all about fun for the kids. Sure looks like he enjoyed it.

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement following the loss of our beloved pup Molly. Your thoughts are much appreciated by both Paulette and myself.

  4. Good to see all your Family enjoying summer...even with a bit of rain!