Thursday, July 10, 2014

Return to Routine....

Ginette, Brie and Jeanette return to the BC coast from Edmonton, Alberta.
As expected, the three girls in our family (Jeanette, Ginette and baby Brie) returned from Alberta, on the scheduled Monday evening flight.  Trevor was at the Abbotsford Airport to gather the travelers.
Letting Jeanette out at our home...
Jeanette texted me as soon as the WestJet flight had landed and later,  they were in our driveway.  The 90 minute flight had been on time.  Ginette, Brie and Trevor opted to head back to their home and get re-settled.
Cousin Owen sharing his hand in Brie's mouth.
The Edmonton  visit was successful.  Ginette was occupied teaching several courses for two days and managed to get some visiting in as well.  Jeanette looked after Brie.
Owen with mom, Courtney
The BC contingent were housed at Deni, Courtney and Owen's house and, from the hundreds of photos I saw, it was clearly a really good visit.  
L-R  Deni, Owen, mom Jeanette and Brie.
My nephew Brad, his wife Jamie and one of their two daughters, Alyssa, were invited to share dinner with the gang at Deni and Courtney's home, last Thursday evening.  Good fun had there.  Brad is the youngest son of my oldest sister (since deceased).
Jamie, Brie and Alyssa
Brad, Brie and Alyssa
Alyssa sharing some special time with Brie.
Ginette did not have to teach on Saturday so they planned a 90 minute road trip to visit Jeanette's mom at her long term care facility.  When they arrived, Jeanette' sister, Darlene  was wearing her birthday colours (her birthday is shared with the US July 4th holiday).  She had a nice cake to share on the occasion.
Darlene with mom, Mary.
It was Mary's very first meeting with her great grand daughter, Brie.  It was the opportune time to take several photographs of four generations.
L-R  Mary, Brie, Ginette and Jeanette
Following several hours visiting at the long term care facility, it was time to make the drive back to Edmonton to attend another function.  Saying good bye is never easy....but it was such a thrill for Mary to finally meet, greet and hold her precious great grand daughter.
Another project completed
I did manage to complete another of the planned summer back yard projects.  The flagstone walkway from the sidewalk to the recently installed shed had been on the 'to do' list for several months.  It was finally completed this week.  We are making progress.
It can't all be about work....?
Tuesday evening saw Jeanette head to White Rock to join a group of like minded nurses who enjoy monthly games nights. With that in mind - and the stunningly beautiful summer weather - I opted for an evening motorcycle ride into the Fraser Valley.  I did not have any destination in mind but after meandering through so many awesome country roads, I found myself in Cultus Lake.  The lake was busy, but in a good way.  Families were enjoying the numerous offerings this area offers. 
The lake was busy with boaters and swimmers. 
Riding in the beautiful back country, south of Cultus Lake.
Cultus Lake has a special attraction to me.  During the 2nd World War, my father was a member of the Army Corps of Engineers.  He was stationed in Chilliwack - for military training - and, while there, my mother, my oldest sister Rhea, and my oldest brother Bernard, lived in a cottage in Cultus Lake.  I have no idea which cabin they lived in but it is kind of fun to ride around and imagine what living there was like at that time.  That was  before I and three other siblings were born.

Hanging out with Brie and Easton yesterday (Wednesday)
Jeanette and I had some errands to run and one of those included looking after Brie and Easton for a couple of hours.  We took them to the park where Brie got to sleep while Easton played on the swings.....and with his Nana too.
This is fun.....
Returning back to Easton and Brie's home...
I continue to work on the back yard projects; often starting early in the morning and shutting down by 2:00 pm.  I am self assigning.....and can therefore work when, and if, I feel like it, without fear of repercussions. LOL  By early afternoon, the heat of summer is at its highest and I usually head for the shower and follow that up with other interesting, non-work activities. How nice is that?  Another benefit to being retired.....or semi-retired....!

It's all good!

That's it from here, for now.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Routine is nice for a change, enjoy that lifestyle while you can.

  2. You and your Gang are busy as usual! Nice to see time for the bike!

  3. Hmm. 'Semi-Retired'. Is that when we're so husy we can't figure out how we ever had time to work?
    I finally got my motorcycle insured and went for a ride myself today. It's about time!

  4. You and your entire family are sure enjoying those grandchildren - what a wonderful change in focus for you and Jeanette just in the last few years.

    It's great to see all those smiling, happy faces in your pics.