Saturday, July 19, 2014

Decked Out...

Well, what happens when a large truck drops a load of lumber in one's driveway?  Well, one dons the tool belt, sets up the necessary tools and gets down to the business of building.
Framing lumber
Last Monday, the anticipated framing lumber for our planned back yard deck arrived shortly after lunch time.  It had been ordered the Friday before.  The decking surface material of choice had to be special ordered and is slated for arrival in about ten days from this writing.  We decided to use composite material for the deck surface.  The framing material is standard 2X8 pressure treated lumber.
The chop saw saw a lot of action
As soon as I had signed off with the truck driver, I began the framing process. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday, last week, - the hottest days of our summer, so far - were deck framing days. It was a busy few days of cutting, leveling and nailing.
Jeanette is making sure my framing work is level.....
We are building a fairly large deck that will cover the existing smaller exposed aggregate concrete deck and bleed past a previous planter and down to the pond.  The new deck is framed at the sun room exit level. 

This is the point where the deck drops 8" to a lower level along side the pond.  Steps will be added soon.
The view from the sun room
The deck is being framed to satisfy the composite manufacturer's 25 year warranty.  That's right! The framing requirements are to meet standard building codes.  It is a box frame style that will prevent the composite decking from warping.  Although more expensive, Jeanette and I opted for the composite material over pressure treated or cedar decking to avoid rotting, staining and high maintenance issues.  The composite decking is scratch resistant and is fully warrantied for 25 years.  The only maintenance required will be one yearly cleaning.  Easy!

I was drinking gallons and gallons of water to stay hydrated during the framing build.  Man....was it ever hot.  My work clothes were drenched.  I would start work early in the mornings but would suspend the build by 4:00 pm.  Just too hot.....for me, that is!

The air  framing nail gun  sure makes quick work of nailing,
Jeanette was busy in the flower garden.  The large brimmed hat kept the sun at bay and the long sleeves kept her arms scratch free - unlike me.  I am scratched up from framing the deck.

Our golfing group played a lovely golf course on Friday.  We visit this course at least once each year.  It is a test and a treat to play the Eaglemont Golf and Country Club.

Eaglemont is an 18 hole championship-quality public golf course and a world-class events venue, located in the heart of the beautiful Skagit Valley in Mount Vernon, Washington. Combining challenging golf with spectacular scenery, the course at Eaglemont offers golfers a memorable experience. Each golfr hole s is unique and separated from the others (no up and back golf here) and you will likely hit every club in your bag at least once during your round. The Clubhouse sits on top of a hill, overlooks a couple of our signature holes, and in the background, the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains are visible!
"10th Rated Course in Washington State"
     - 2011 Golf Digest Magazine
"4 Star Rating"
     - Golf Digest Magazine
"The views of Mt. Baker and the surrounding Skagit Valley are breathtaking"
     - Inside Golf Magazine
"Easily one of the top 5 public courses in Washington State"
     - GolfWashington Magazine

 While I was waiting at the border to re-enter Canada, following our Friday golf round, Jeanette joined Easton, Brie, Ginette and Trevor at the Aldergrove fair.  This yearly fair is a fun place for young kids to try out some nice rides.  Easton got his chance to try a few and he sure enjoyed that.
 Although the opening Friday evening was not well attended, going on the rides was a lot of fun.   Ginette with Brie is watching in the background
 "Yea!    this is fun!!!!!"
Even dad Trevor got to hang out with the ride handler while Easton got to ride the rails.
I also dropped the tools long enough to join in on a Thursday evening motorcycle ride.  The group, informally known as 'Thunder Thursday', has been meeting for better than ten years.  A few years back, I weened myself from the group.  The membership grew too large. Riding with such a large, eclectic group became tedious and dangerous, in my view. The riding group dissipated these past couple of years, but was resurrected with many of the original riders.  I was invited back.  It's nice to get back to a much smaller and like minded riding group. Thursday night's ride was good fun. I am already looking forward to next Thursday's ride.
All shined up before the Thunder Thursday ride....
Today (Saturday) Jeanette and a friend are taking in a few softball games at the 
Canadian Open Fastpitch International - Welcome  in South Surrey/White Rock.  A large, international women's fast pitch tournament, it is a well attended annual event.  The facility is within a five block walking distance from our previous home.    

So that sums up our very busy week.  Once the composite decking boards arrive (in ten days or so), we'll get to complete the largest of our planned 'reno back yard projects' for this year.  The back yard re-make is well on its way to completion.  Nice!

That's our story from here, for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. That's a pretty big project for the hottest days of the summer. It's sure going to be a nice big area though!

  2. A large project, but will sure be nice when done. The composite decking will sure be nice too.
    Great that you took some time off to play too.