Monday, June 9, 2014

Sometimes, We're Just Too Busy To Blog....

Talk about having too little time to blog?  It's true.  We've just been too busy....but in a good way.  No complaints! If we held full time jobs, we would have little time to work!!!!
Watching Easton at his first every T-Ball practice
Although only 2 years of age, the social interaction with a T-Ball teacher and other kids makes this a fun outing for Easton.  
A needed water break....
Next door to the T-Ball practice field is this amazing water park.  It was a hot day....and Easton was drawn to enjoying some cooling off time.  Great fun!

"OK mom, I've cooled off now....."
On the home front, we've continued our back yard re-do projects by digging, leveling and building a long planter to receive 6' cedar hedging.  It took 16, 12' 4X4 full dimension treated lumber to build the planter.
Making progress....
On occasion, a little helper showed up to inspect the work. But why all the noise????
Brie joined into the fun but she could not understand why all the fuss.
Easton was quick to don the tools and re-drill the holes I had completed.
Although mine is a heavy hammer, two hands managed to pound the 7" nails in.
Once he had done enough work, Easton went off to discover more things in our garden.  When he found a large lizard under a pine tree, he had to sit on it.
"Giddy up....."
One of our RV friends called to invite me on a motorcycle ride last Thursday evening.  The motorcyclists were meeting at the Chilliwack City Harley Davidson motorcycle shop at 5:00 pm.  I chose to ride out to Lucky and Trena's farm and we then rode together to the HD store.  
Easton always has to climb on board.
He now knows how to start the motorcycle.
Our motorcycle ride led us through some nice country roads to the resort town of Harrison Hot Springs where we enjoyed a really good outdoor meal.  I met another motorcyclist who rode with Lucky and I when we were wintering in Palm Springs.  It was nice to meet another riding group.
Easton is enjoying his 'strider' bike.  He's really good at riding and controlling it.
Daughter Ginette, her husband, Trevor and their daughter, Brie, left very early this past Thursday morning for Redding, California.  Trevor's best high school friend was getting married.  We had a house guest, as a result of their travel plans.  Easton chose to stay with us.  Well......we were kept busy with that little fella.  And we've had a lot of fun too.
Easton went grocery shopping with his Nana.....and what a treat that was.
Nana also took him to the local park for play time.  I did my share of that too.  What pleasure that is.
Sliding is fun.....
Back from my Friday golf round, Easton and I enjoy a cool beverage in the sun room.
 His thirst quenched, Easton was quick to return to his driving mat, building blocks, toy cars and motorcycles.  He can entertain himself for long periods.

Jeanette caught this photo of Easton watching me test our in-ground sprinkler system.  All systems were working fine.
Following our regular 'Open Mic', Sunday morning  coffee meeting, I returned home and we prepared to receive our friends, Lorne and Mariette for a lovely outdoor picnic and barbecue.  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon for that.
We hauled our food stuff and the Weber 'Q' and enjoyed a fine afternoon in the park.
Enjoying some water after a long walk.

Easton was harassed by a dog while in a baby stroller when he was a baby.  Since then, he has been afraid of dogs.  He shuns every opportunity to pet them.  Some uncaring dog owner, who was to keep their dog leashed while in a park, let it run free.  Easton has been frightened since.
Easton's parents - and others - have repeatedly tried to help him warm up to friendly dogs.  It has not worked out well till yesterday afternoon.  Lorne and Mariette's dog was able to cozy up to Easton.  He finally petted their Wheaten Terrier. 
This was a major breakthrough.  We'll see if Easton continues to gain confidence when around dogs.
When the dog barked, Easton was quick to cover his ears!  What's with that noise?  Why the barking?
Ginette, Trevor and Brie return this Monday evening from their travel to northern California.  While away, they were able to 'Face Time' with Easton every day.  Being away from his folks did not faze Easton.  He was very comfortable with us and, although we know he missed his folks, he showed no signs of loneliness.

Out in Edmonton, Alberta, baby Owen had his folks send us some photos and a very recent video of  rolling himself over.  I am writing this blog on my lap top.  The video was sent to Jeanette's cell phone and I have not had the chance to transfer that over to my computer.  Next blog though!!!!

I will be going to Edmonton early next week and I look forward to spending some time with Owen and his folks.  

This Thursday will see Jeanette board a flight to join two of her sisters in sin city - Las Vegas, NV.  The sisters had planned this get together some months back and I know they are looking forward to some fun sibling time.  More on that once I have photos from their journey.

And that's the way it's been around here, these past several days.  

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. We've used a variation of your blog title ourselves. Looks like you had lots of fun though!

  2. Not keen on that barking business either!

  3. Its just amazing how busy we can be when we have nothing to do. Keep having fun.

  4. You weren't kidding when you said you were too busy too blog.

    Easton's been pretty busy too - can't believe he's playing T-ball already - that's great.

    Love seeing him helping his Grandpa build the planter. He sure is a good little helper.

    Now, I've got to catch my breath!

  5. Wow, you guys have been busy! Running after a toddler is hard work! How did any of us ever have time to work??

  6. Yes you have been really busy... Lots of time with the kids sure helps though! Good for Easton to play his uniform!