Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rolling Along....

I started writing this post using our iPad.  I normally write using our laptop but I was comfortably seated in our family room - on a rainy Saturday morning - enjoying the US Open Golf Championship. I saved what I had written on the iPad but chose to finish the post with the laptop.

Watching the US Open Golf, follows on our own golf round held yesterday (Friday) at the Pagoda Ridge GC; a favourite spot of ours.
A mountain view with Golden Ears mountains in the background
The Great Wall of China - as built by the designer/owner of the golf course.
Pagoda Ridge Golf Course offers a distinctive golf experience… carved through a landscape of gently rolling hills and natural vegetation, with stunning views of the Fraser Valley and majestic Golden Ears Mountains. It was a gray day, with a bit of drizzle, but an otherwise fantastic day out golfing with like minded friends.

Other than more yard work, completed these past few days, it has been a week that rolled by very quickly. Too many mundane photos so I chose not to show any yard works.
Viva Las Vegas.....
Jeanette is in Las Vegas, NV, enjoying a fun weekend with two of her Alberta based sisters.  I drove her to the Bellingham, WA, airport last Thursday for her 12:05 pm flight.  If all flights were on time in Las Vegas, the sisters will have arrived withing 10 minutes of each other.  Deb and Darlene flew from Calgary, Alberta. 
Jeanette is off to Las Vegas for a weekend of sibling bonding with two sisters.
Ours is a predicted wet weekend.  And that is quite OK.  A little break from the labour intensive work is welcomed. 

Our Edmonton, Alberta, kids were off on a camping weekend and, just before posting this blog, Deni sent me a few photos of their set up.  Camping sure brings back memories of the numerous camping trips Jeanette and I had with our kids when they were little.  Now it is their turn with their young families.
Deni, Coutrney and Owen's Alberta camp spot this weekend.
Owen sure seems to be enjoying the cool outdoors with mom, Courtney.
Hard to beat camping as a family oriented outdoor activity.  Courtney and Deni both love to camp and they are now exposing their little son to that activity.

Owen is coming into his own and just recently started to roll over.  Another milestone reached.

I will be driving out to Edmonton, Alberta, this coming Tuesday.  My primary purpose is to build a deck for Deni and Courtney....and there will be some time to spend with Owen and other family members.  More on that in later blogs.
Click on the video (above) for a short movie showing Owen rolling over.
Brie hanging out in her favourite little chair.
Although not a great photo, Brie, is also evolving and finds herself happy to be sitting in this little chair that holds her up comfortably.  She is smiling so much these days. 

Easton always creating something new with building blocks.
Playing at the water park is always a fun activity.
This being the Father's Day weekend - and with Jeanette away in Las Vegas - I am invited for dinner at Ginette, Trevor, Brie and Easton's home tomorrow (Sunday).  It is also my birthday.  I was, in fact, born on Father's day, all those years ago.  So we will celebrate those two events at their Langley City home.

With the rain pattering on my office window, as I prepare to publish this post, I have little interest in heading outdoors.  I will attend our regular Sunday 'Open Mic' session tomorrow (Sunday) morning though.

That covers things from here for now.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. happy birthday to you and happy father's day too!!!

  2. Well, well. Two celebrations in one!
    Happy Birthday and Fathers Day, Rene.

  3. Happy Birthday, Rene! And a Happy Father's Day to boot.

    Great video of Owen rolling over - he'll be on the move soon!

    Enjoy your day and dinner tonight!