Friday, May 27, 2011

Alberta Bound

Wednesday night birthday dinner with our daughter Ginette (in white), her friend Nicole, and Jeanette and I.

Ginette flew into Vancouver from Edmonton, Alberta, on her birthday, this past Wednesday so we had a dinner celebration in her honour.  Her primary reason for flying in from Edmonton was to join 11 other girls for a 'stagette' to Las Vegas.    The girls left early Thursday morning for 'Lost Wages, Nv.'

Heading beyond Hope...that's Hope, BC
Jeanette and I left for a 10 hour drive from home to Calgary, Alberta.  We left in the rain.
Wet roads....but traffic was light.

We headed north to Merritt and Kamloops on the famed Coquihalla Highway.
The snow melt - and endless rains - leads to raging streams and rivers.

True to fashion, the Coquihalla Highway summit saw snow plows and snow accumulations.  Although an unusual occurrence at this time of the year, the Coquihalla does surprise drivers.  We had to switch to 4X4 at one point.  The road was icy.

This snow covered landscape was exposed grasses just a few days ago.
Very sloppy conditions.....and it only lasted for about 15 minutes before descending into the Quilchena Valley near Merritt, BC.
Three Valley Gap Resort - on the Trans Canada Highway #1

One of the numerous highway tunnels.

Low lying clouds.

We saw well over 50 of these waterfall runoffs from the rainfall and snow melt.
New mega million dollar bridge over one of the never ending canyons - east of Golden, BC.

Nice stone cutting - blasting really!  Part of the 400 year plan to twin the Trans Canada Highway through the Rocky Mountains..

Near Field, BC - site of one of North America's worst rock slides.
Approaching Banff National Park in the province of Alberta.
The rain would not stop.  Our windshield wipers worked for the entire road trip.  Quite unusual, really!  We arrived in Calgary at dinner time.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looks like you had a bit of a nasty drive in that weather. Glad you made it safely. Looking at your photos brought back lots of memories of the many, many times we have driven that exact same route to Calgary and back.

  2. great shots of your trip to our neighbouring province!..have fun in Alberta!!