Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Been Busy

The inspector and foreman...or is that a foreperson! I am trying to be politically correct here.
The worker!
Just kidding folks!  Jeanette was there with a helpful pair of hands -ideas too - to put this metal gate system together.  Some of you may remember a few posts back when we dug and placed  one 9' metal post into cement and attached another to the house.  The objective was to install a maintenance free, locking metal gate system to replace the existing cedar wood gates.

The hinge system.

The privacy slats.
It was fairly straight forward work to install the hinge hardware, level the two gates (1 X 10 ft. / 1 X 4 ft.) and insert the privacy slats in their rightful spots.

Now inserting privacy slats on the 10 ft gate.

Getting close to finishing this part.
Once the slats were in and we had somewhat figured out the locking hardware system, we began to take the existing cedar gates apart.  We removed all hinge screws and hinges and dug down to the concrete supporting  the 6X6 posts.
Little gate is gone.

One of the two larger gates gone.
Once all gates were removed, that left the removal of the two posts.  The original entry width was only 8' 10".  Once removed, I will have 11' 6" of width to back the 5th wheel in.  That extra width makes backing in and driving out far less taxing.
So....out came the chain saw.

We removed about 4" of crushed rock, below grade, to reveal the concrete.  I cut about 1.5" above the concrete.
Cutting these posts saved many, many hours of digging, huffing and puffing, cursing and sweating, to try and pull them out.  Much easier to cut and cover.  So be it!
Easy work...

The finished RV gate project...with the privacy slats cut at the right height.

...and one last shot of this epic project.
So....we are pleased with the result.  When the 10' and 4' gates are opened there is now 11' 6" of ample room to maneuver the fiver back  and forth without the need to fret about a 4" space on each side. Between the house wall and the neighbour's fence is a wide open space of 14'.    Mission accomplished!

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. nice work on the gate!..great to the get the job completed under the watchful eye of the 'foreperson'!!

  2. Congrats on a great looking project. That extra 3 feet of room will sure be nice for backing in. The new gate looks good too!

    Great idea on just cutting off the posts instead of digging them out. I wish I had thought of that a few years ago when I had a few posts to remove. What a job!