Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blogging Issues....and RV Friends


Not sure if anyone else out there in blogland has had 'log in' issues.  I sure have.  For the past two days I have not been able to log in.  I spent several hours reading blog 'help' issues....all with no relief.  I also sent Blogger some messages stating I could not access.  Let  me put it this way, I tried every darned possible thing- all with no result. 

After a frustrating couple of hours this evening, I finally received a few messages from blogger; logged on and WOW, I was able to log in again.  I have no idea why I could not log in.  Blogger did not mention any reasons in its email communications.  Bizarre!!

Blogger is now working so I'll move forward with the blog I wanted to write about yesterday - Monday.  Bizarre !!!


Filler up!

Although the sun would not peek out of the clouds, it appeared to be a 'rainless day."  So, off we rode.

We ended up here - in the eastern Fraser Valley - backing on to Vedder Mountain.
It was here - at this farm - that we visited with one of the several RV friends we made during this past winter's journey south to the sunny Arizona and California climes.

This photo was taken in Desert Hot Springs - February, 2011

Lucky and Trena have a beautiful 45' Monaco Class 'A' motorhome. We first met last January at the 7 Feathers RV Resort and Casino, in southern Oregon. Along with two other couples in Class 'A's, we ended up driving and RV'ing in convoy till we reached our respective destinations.  We also re-connected a few times during our winter sojourn.

Jeanette is busy taking this photo of me, Trena and Lucky.  It was nice enough to sit out on the deck.

 Lucky was into a good chin wag.....!  He's always got a great story to tell.

The sun made a surprise appearance.  That was really appreciated.

Preparing to head off.  Lucky and Trena have a beautiful and well manicured farm.
So, with promises made to keep in touch, we left them to their task of readying for a BC interior fishing and camping trip. 
Another farm yard scene on our ride towards Harrison Hot Springs.
It was a good coffee and chat - always is with those two RV'ers.  Then,  Jeanette and I headed further east toward Cultus Lake, north past Chilliwack and over the Fraser River, and into Harrison Hot Springs. 
Can you see what this big thing is ahead of us?

Whatever this farmer does with this honey wagon was inconsequential cause I very, very quickly got ahead of him.  That's farming!!!

Another nice pastoral farming scene.  We always enjoy the scenery in the Fraser Valley.

That was our holiday Monday - well spent reconnecting with wonderful RV'ers, catching up on their world, and generally enjoying the beauty of the region.

Shorty after we returned home, our son called from Edmonton.  He, our daughter and husband, and friends had just returned from a quad/camping weekend in the foothills of the Alberta Rockey Mountains.  Good hearing from you, Deni.  And nice to hear about the fun and adventures of your weekend.

Thanks for dropping by.  I'll blog about our time in Harrison Hot Springs in a later b log.


  1. I never had any issues with blogger..but then we were in the land of no internet or cell phones!..glad to see you got it to work again!!!..looks like you all had a great day in the Fraser Valley!!

  2. We have had some issues but it seems to be sporadic.

  3. Nice to meet up with your RV traveling companions from last winter. Good job on passing that manure spreader quickly too!