Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day and a Brew Pub

Hhhmmm, what do these two things (mother's day & a brew pub) have in common?  Well that was our Sunday, celebrating Mother's Day.
The day started out with a drive vs. a ride.
Earlier in the week, the weather girl was predicting sunny weather for Mother's Day.  Yeah!...or so we thought.  My plan was to motorcycle up to Whistler, for a Mother's Day brunch.  That was to be a surprise.  When Sunday morning rolled around, it was clear that the sunshine was not to be and the cool weather was still hanging around.  Um....a change of plans.
Trans Canada (No. 1) Highway towards Horseshoe Bay.
So I suggested to Jeanette that we drive out to Horseshoe Bay for brunch.  She was thrilled by that.  Off we went.

50 minutes from home, we are approaching Horseshoe Bay - one of BC's major ferries terminals.

As we got closer to our destination, we both agreed to drive farther north - up Highway 99 towards Squamish....on the 'Sea to Sky' highway along the BC coast.

Part of the new road to Squamish/Whistler that was built for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

With the slight change of plans, we left the Trans Canada Highway and headed north on Highway 99.  This highway hugs the Pacific Coast and is a delight to drive.

Tug boats at rest in the Squamish Harbour.

The world famous 'Shannon Falls'
The famous CHIEF, a mountain climber's dream.  Jeanette and our son, Deni, have hiked up to the top of this mountain.

Read the inscription on the photo below...
We walked around the harbour front area for a bit - admiring the scenery - then we chose to find a place for lunch.
Jeanette is admiring Shannon Falls.

We chose to have lunch here.

Seemed like a fitting place.
Lunch was served in this wonderful Inn and Brew Pub.  It was a delight to witness so many families entertaining their moms on this special day.  We saw a few patrons leaving with their hands full of beer so opted to do the same.  This is a world famous brew pub and we chose to purchase some of their finest.
Yes, those are two bottles of beer!....BIG BOTTLES!
Stopped here on the way back to Vancouver.  This area is most popular with recreational divers.
Small ferries dock @ Porteau Cove.

Howe Sound....from the side of Highway 99.
 This highway is treasure trove of beautiful scenics.  On a sunny day, this area photographs beautifully.  It still photographs well on a cloudy and cool day, don't you think?

Shot of the Horseshoe Bay Ferries Terminal from high above.
With our need to join some friends for dinner at their home in North Delta, BC, we scooted on from here.

Trusting all the fine moms out there had a wonderful Mothers' Day.

More on our travel to and from Squamish, BC in the coming days.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. love the drive to Squamish and Porteau Cove..been there many a time..the highway improvement has made a huge difference!!

  2. Thanks for a great tour of the Sea to Sky Highway. Like you say, it's a photographer's dream and your pictures showed it to perfection!

    I'm sure glad you took those two 'small' bottles of beer home to drink and didn't decide to have them with your lunch!!

    I think John and me have been had! Jeanette never told us she was a pro hiker and climber! The hike up the Chief must be a real killer!