Monday, May 23, 2011

Clean Up....

Weather called for the rain suits went on and, with  not much else to do, I fired up the pressure washer  to clean the sidewalks and driveway.
All walkways and the driveway were in need of a good clean up.....and the garden too.
Jeanette and I had other plans for the long weekend.  The weather chose not to cooperate so we took 'plan B' and worked on the yard.  While I was pressure washing, she was busy with pruning and weeding the flower garden.

Here she is moving this one plant from the back yard...... the front yard.
The way we are dressed pretty well tells the weather story.  It was unseasonably cool....and unseasonably wet - yet again.  Very odd winter and spring weather, so far.  We sure hope the weather gods have a change of heart soon....and we have some summer.

We did get a few days of sun and heat during the week.  It was very pleasant, although short lived.
Back yard.

Jeanette put the pruning shears to work....

With some brief work stoppages to chat up the neighbours, we held steady with the work and managed to complete our tasks by dinner time.

So that was how we spent our Saturday.  

Sunday was dedicated to Hockey and Golf.  Yep, I kept switching between the Canucks/Sharks NHL game and watching David Toms win his first PGA tournament, in several years, in Fort Worth, Texas. While I watched these two major sporting events, Jeanette attended a bridal shower in White Rock.

We are hoping to take a motorcycle ride today - should the weather cooperate - so we could have another blog soon.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. a productive day at your house!!..good for you!..hope you got the ride in today!!

  2. Your yard is looking good! Gotta love those power washers too!