Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Itching to Hitching

We are off tomorrow on the four hour drive east from the coast, over the mountains, and into the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  Well known for it desert like temperate climate and great Canadian vineyards and wines, we plan to spend 12 days or so catching up with good friends, family, and attending a wedding.
Pulled it forward out of its gated compound on the side of our home....
Opened the slides and checked out all systems....
Let the loading begin!
It took little effort and time to hook up and pull the 5th wheel forward onto the driveway.  We began loading in earnest - especially in the galley where Jeanette made good time re-stocking the pantry and loading the two refrigerators.
Sliding pantry nearly completed.
It's always fun to open up the slides and check out the systems only to find that everything worked the way it was meant to.  Yeah!  We have loaded our clothing too.
We will be heading to Peachland, BC.  We will be staying in an RV Park on the edge of the large Lake Okanagan - just south of the primary interior city of Kelowna.

Our daughter, son in law and baby Easton will join us on Thursday.  They will stay with us through the weekend when we attend a family wedding in Summerland - about 20 minutes south from Peachland.
A hiking trail near our home
It wasn't all work in loading the RV.  Jeanette and I did manage to get one hike in that took us along some nice horse hobby farms. This took place on Saturday afternoon.  Lovely hike through some really pleasant countryside.
Grazing cattle.
Well wrapped hay that keeps fresh...
We spotted these two bald eagles, in the photo below, who were scouting for field mice.  They made good with their hunt.

Jeanette got to whisper to a couple of friendly horses along the way.
Below is one example of the many hobby farms that dot this south Langley area.
On Sunday afternoon we took a motorcycle ride north toward the Fraser River.  We had heard that it was running high, with the spring melt from the mountains to the east.  It did not disappoint. The waters were running fast and high.  No threat of spilling its banks yet.
From our observation area along the mighty Fraser River, we headed west to the former pioneering capital of BC - the town of Fort Langley - for a well earned coffee....while enjoying the afternoon sun.

We look forward to hitching up and heading out, mid morning tomorrow - Wednesday.  We'll report more from the sunny Okanagan (we hope it is sunny) in later blogs.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Sure looked like a nice Saturday for your hike. Sounds like it will be a fun Okanagan trip for you both. We are getting the itch to head north about 3 weeks out for us. Wishing you safe travels.

  2. wishing you safe travels as you head east...that is our favourite area!!..two fridges??..do tell!!!

  3. Safe travels--hope you find some sunshine and warm weather.

  4. Sounds like your all set to go! Have a good trip!

  5. Sure sounds like a nice little mid-year getaway to me. I know what you mean about seeing the slides come out and then go back in - it always amazes me when everything works like it's supposed to.

    Here's hoping the weather cooperates and you get lots of sunshine - I suppose you'll be bringing your golf clubs?