Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sunny Spring Scenes & Activities...

Countryside vegetable market - Abbotsford, BC
Jeanette and I are changing up our back yard and one tree we would like to add, near the outdoor pond, is a palm tree that can thrive here.  There are a few that can so we rode out to have a look.  We're now convinced that a palm tree will dot our back yard landscape in the near future.

Riding through the countryside, on a hot and sunny day, is always a treat.
The raspberry fields are thriving.
Farmers are busy with cutting and baling the first of three or four hay crops.
Bright eyed.  Easton spends more time looking around and getting to know his surroundings.
Jeanette was quick to offer to look after Easton when our daughter needed to run some errands.  Anytime!  
The Abby in Mission, BC.
Yesterday, friends came by to collect Jeanette and they headed north of Abbotsford, across the Fraser River, to check out the Abby in Mission.  It sits high above the river, offering great views of the Fraser Valley and the mountains in the horizon.

I, on the other hand, was busy with a project in White Rock.  Too bad for that!  They had a nice day out and it would have been nice to join them.  "A la prochaine." (At another time)
This is a Catholic Institution
Too bad for the haze.
Enjoying lunch at an outdoor market.  L-R Lorne, Mariette & Lucille.
After hiking in and around the Abby, the group settled for lunch at an open market just south of the Fraser River.  It is one of our favourite markets in the area.  The fresh vegetable produce, seafood, fresh meats and baked goods is a draw.  We especially like their frozen beef burgers.  When barbecued,  they retain their high beef and low fat content. 
Jeanette and I remember when this market was a farmer selling produce out of the back of his truck.  It is a going concern now!
Today is my turn to visit our dentist for a regular check up and cleaning. I plan to motorcycle there.  After that, I plan to visit a good friend who is in hospital and recovering from surgery. Jeanette, Easton and Ginette will be off dress shopping for our son's wedding this coming September.
New parents - Ginette and Trevor with Easton (now one month old)
Well, today is golf day.   We T-off at 3:40 this afternoon.  It's shaping up to be a great day.....ah.....other than the visit to the dentist, that is.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Can't wait to see the Palm Tree in your backyard! Not a bad idea - I just might steal it!

    Easton is really growing well - that's a great picture of him and his parents - a real keeper.

    Good luck with golf - and, the Dentist!

  2. Things sure get going on that side of the mountains a lot quicker than over here, we expect to get our first, and only, cut of hay sometime in the first part of August and in another couple of weeks it will be time to plant a few hardy bedding out plants. As for Palm Trees I guess that will just have to wait on global warming for another millennium or two.

    Easton is looking pretty alert and I am sure Nan is anxious to be put in charge for a while.

  3. WOW... Easton is getting big quick! Your Wife is just like Judy, any chance to look after the Grand Kids and they are right there!
    Can't wait to see your palm tree in the back yard! That will be cool!

  4. looks like everyone had a great day!..nice view from the Abby!

  5. Sure a nice day trip Jeanette and friends went on. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures. Hard to believe how much Easton is growing. Nice picture of him with Mom and Dad. Have a GREAT WEEKEND!