Monday, May 21, 2012

Typically Wet May Long Weekend!

From dry to wet, the May long weekend in Canada - on the west coast - delivered the usual rains to dampen weekend campers, golfers, and other outdoor activities. It sure seems to be a historical curse that the May long weekend will deliver rains.  This year did not disappoint.  It rained....and continues to do so, as of this writing.

I had to cancel our T-time this Monday morning.  The rain - that started mid-day yesterday - would not go away.
This was Saturday though! 
Knowing that rain was on the way for Sunday, Jeanette and I rode east into the Fraser Valley on Saturday.  Taking all the back roads, we were not bothered by the long weekend holidayers who were scurrying to get somewhere on the major freeways and highways.
Saturday delivered balmy temperatures.
Meandering through different roads, we ended up in Harrison Hot Springs.  It was busy in the resort town and the RV parks displayed 'no vacancy' signs.
Peaceful and serene.
Jeanette was able to get this shot without too many tourists in the view.
We watched as this boat got loaded up with beer and food fare.
The folks below were having fun with their fishing rods.  We did not witness any catch but this lake does produce so I'm sure some left with a few lake trout.

This foot peddle canoe was towing the girl in the kayak as she was taking photos.  
We walked around the area for over an hour before leaving for another back country ride that would take about two hours to get us back home.  Although Harrison Hot Springs is 70 minutes or so from home, the back roads slow us up and allow us to enjoy the surroundings.
Harrison Lake
Another view from the town centre, looking north
A few folks enjoying the peaceful surroundings while the play area in the background had no takers.  We believe it was closed because the waters are still too cold. 

I rode to our favourite Tim Horton's, on Sunday morning, where our group of guys meet to solve the world's problems.  The grey skies rolled in and by 11:00 am, I was back on my motorcycle heading for home before the anticipated rains.

Saturday morning visit with Easton
Before our Saturday ride, we dropped in on Easton and his folks. Jeanette delivered some muffins she had baked and we got to have some cuddle and face time with our favourite little fella.

Today will be a quiet holiday Monday on the home front.  The skies are sill grey and the light rains continue.


  1. Looks like the rain didn't dampen your weekend to badly. Easton is looking like he is growing like a bad weed, oops maybe that is not a good analogy over there on the Left Coast.

  2. The weekend may have ended on a wet and soggy note but at least it started out on a sunny one!!!..nice pictures of Harrison Hot Springs!!!

  3. Must have been Ontario's turn for the nice weather I guess! Easton looks like he is doing well...

  4. Saturday was definitely the day for touring this past weekend. Glad you were able to get out to Harrison Lake - it's a nice spot.

    Easton looks like he'll be ready for 9 holes by next summer.

  5. Beautiful pictures of Harrison, the weekend sure started out nice. Hit close to 100 here on Saturday and Sunday. Easton is growing so fast.