Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plenty of Activities....and a Party!

It has been a busy time since our last post.  
A surprise tea pot for a former co-worker.
Jeanette held a mid-day get together with several of her former nursing gang.  That happened this past Wednesday. The event centered around Judy (holding the bag) who was visiting from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was a fitting occasion to get the nurses together to share some lunch with laughter - and lots of it!
Judy's special tea pot (L-R) Marg, Judy, Cynthia and Lorraine.
A few days back Jeanette got a call from the hospital she worked at and they were short staffed. She agreed to pull a shift on her preferred surgical floor.  Jeanette will accept to work the occasional shift (although she is retired) to maintain her nursing registration.

She found the tea pot that belonged to Judy, in the staff lounge, and chose to return it to her at the gathering.  Having retired, several years back, Judy was truly surprised to be reunited with her favourite tea pot.

Taken in our back yard.
We've been working on plans to change out our back yard and, although it is a long term plan, some things are taking shape.  Jeanette has moved a few plants and trees around and it's showing some nice results.  More on that in later blogs.
It was party time!  Getting in the groove with Easton.
Our daughter celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday.  Husband Trevor had organized a back yard Bar-B-Que and games night.  That took place last evening.  Over 30 friends and family came out to celebrate.  Jeanette and I joined in and prepared some of the food stuffs and I offered to take over the Bar-B-Que to allow Trevor to play host.
The birthday girl.
Jeanette baked and prepared the cupcake birthday tree.  That was a big hit.
Trevor, friend (and games organizer extraordinaire)  Nicole...and we're not sure what Ginette was doing here!
Ginette with good friend Tia....with Easton sound asleep
Early on in the festivities.
I offered to take over the Bar-B-Que duties....
Surprise visit from long time friends who live in Edmonton, Alberta - The Hains
At the ready to blow the candles.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GINETTE!
Friends and family looking on....
Trevor was trying to prevent Ginette from blowing the candles before it was time to do so!
It was a fitting party to celebrate Ginette's entry to the 30's.  The weather was fantastic.  It was a bright and sunny early evening that transformed into a nice warm night.

Today will be spent on building shelving in our back yard shed while Jeanette prepares her list of things to load into the 5th wheel in preparation for our departure to the BC Okanagan this coming Wednesday.  More on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. happy happy birthday Ginette!..looks like the party was a huge success!..nice to celebrate with family and friends!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ginette! Glad all of your friends and family were there to celebrate your arrival into the '30s'! Easton is sure growing.

  3. Beautiful party with all your friends and family. Happy Birthday, Ginette.

  4. A big Happy Birthday Ginette! Looks like a good time was had by all...