Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little About Little

Our routine hasn't changed much these past few days.  As a result, there is little to really write about.

Jeanette did return, on Monday, from her one week journey to visit her mom and dad in Alberta.  I held down the fort here. 
 Jeanette's mom, Mary.
I did get to complete a few small projects - hardly worthy of note.  I also managed to get out and golf too.  And, of course, I took advantage to have as much face time with Easton as was possible.
 Easton...smiling, one month since his birth.
Now that our regular Wednesday men's golf is in full swing, those afternoons are taken up with meeting our group of 16 players, on our preferred golf course, and vying for the 'big' purse.  Each player throws in a 'twonie - toonie - tunie'  (that is a $2 coin for our US, European and Australian/New Zealand readers) and the winner collects the purse following the tallying of scores.

So, we'll see how this golf round goes today. It's always fun to compete and to try hard top one's existing handicap!

We've rolled into our non-snow birding routine with gusto.  Our weather has really improved and we are back to wearing shorts again.  What's not to like!

Hoping for a good golf round! Angry Woman Swinging a Golf Club Clipart Image

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Wow! Easton sure has grown in a month - he looks terrific and happy!

    Hope your golf game went well today!

  2. Glad you weather is getting better... looks good Good luck with the Golf Game!

  3. Somehow we missed the post about your absolutely horrible morning--Mike said he thinks he would have "gone off the deep end!" I'm not sure I could have contained my temper for sure! Glad your weather is improving and you are enjoying golfing.

  4. sure nice that the weather is finally improving!..Jeanette's mom looks fabulous and as for Easton?..cute as ever!!sunny and hot this weekend..what to do?..what to do?..I am sure we will come up with something!..enjoy your golf games..hope you win the pot!